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 Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]

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PostSubject: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:13 am

Amelia Jones


Name: Amelia Madison Jones

Age: 17

Kingdom of Origin: Kingdom of the Moon

Territory within the Kingdom: The United States, Isles of America

Rank: Royalty, daughter of Earl Jones

Profession: Officially, she has no profession.

Control of an element: Mild control of water, much better control of fire.



Amelia, standing at 5'7, is quite tall for a girl, especially when she is forced to wear high-heels during the balls her family hosts every month. Her body is pretty toned, although not to such extent that she would look manly. Her skin is naturally on the tan side, which becomes more pronounced after her time with her uncle.

In the last few years her breasts has grown at least two cups, much to the shock of the previously flat girl and all her friends. Needless to say, the males around her didn't mind the change. Amelia did. The sudden appearance of those two heavy things on her chest made running around and working quite hard.

She has thick, sunny blond hair, the end of its waves barely reaching her shoulder. In order to get her bangs out of her face, she almost always wears a red hair clip. Her mother and her servants tried to get her to grow long hair to look more like a lady, but she refused every single time. It's bad enough that her breasts are always in the way, she doesn't need long hair too!

The golden waves of her hair frame an oval face with full, pink lips, a cute nose, freckled cheeks, and big, sky blue eyes. The saying 'Eyes are the mirror of the soul' definitely apply to her, which makes her a pretty bad liar.

She is, unfortunately, quite prone to gaining weight. It wouldn't be a such a big problem if she didn't love eating as much as she did. Although she doesn't really care about her appearance, she hates the thought of getting fat. The little bits of fat which tend to appear on her hips and tummy are like a nightmare for her.

Thanks to her hobby of working outside with the people and her refusal to use any kind of lotion or other stuff chambermaids are always trying put on her, her skin isn't exactly in top condition. She gets sunburned at least three times every year, which leaves her with her skin peeling back in a pretty disgusting way. Her hands, also from the work and the lack of cosmetics, are more calloused than it would be acceptable for a lady. She also has some scars, which are usually hidden by her gloves and her dress during formal gatherings.

As for her clothing, she hates ball gowns or many layers of clothing. She would much rather wear the simple and comfortable clothes of commoners, preferably male ones. She can rarely get away with that though, even on the fields, so she is forced to wear skirts all the time. Amelia doesn't mind dresses as much as she complains about them actually, but getting her mother and chambermaids angry with her complaining is entertaining.

Personality :
If one had to describe Amelia with one word, it would be 'bright'. She is a cheerful girl, with a smile almost painted on her face. When she is happy, she almost seems to glow with positive energy. She hates being sad or seeing others sad, so she tries to see the good in every situation, in every person. If she can brighten someone's day by being silly or doing something stupid or daring, then it was all worth it. She doesn't mind when people laugh at her or think she is ditzy and dumb, as long as they spare her at least a smile.

Some people say she is physically incapable of sitting in one place for more than a minute. They aren't completely wrong. Amelia loves being in motion, be it running, swimming, or simply walking. Sitting inside, reading and embroidering, is like a nightmare to her; a nightmare she has to endure more often than she would like.

She likes doing physical work much better than reading or studying. She had always skipped the lessons she deemed boring whenever she managed to, hiding in the gardens or some unused room until the guards and servants got tired of looking for her. Unfortunately, she was required to learn to play at least one instrument. She chose the violin because she didn't have to sit down to play that.

Although she has a hard time with understanding poetry and sitting still for long enough to learn embroidery and other needlework, if it is something that she is interested in, Amelia is quite willing to learn. Her favorites are the lessons about constellation and the stars, but she also likes reading the occasional new book in her father's study about theses of the last few years. Her father isn't very happy about that, but her mother is happy Amelia is willing to stay inside for a few hours without whining.

Amelia is also a very rebellious and mischievous girl. She enjoys sneaking out and mingling with the commoners, strict caste system be damned. She also loves pranks, much to the chagrin of the servants and her family. Unfortunately, sneaking out can only be done once a month or so. If she tried it more often, she would get caught again.

She has a very big ego. She thinks she is better than any other noble, simply because she isn't as pompous as them. She thinks she is better than all the ladies because she is stronger. Every noble should be like her and all the problems of the world would be solved. Her ego is something she can't and doesn't want to control. She can go on about her awesomeness for hours without getting bored or running out of things to say.

Her mouth is yet another uncontrolled thing. Usually, the first thing that pops up in her head immediately leaves her mouth. If she doesn't like something about someone, she tells them without hesitation. She is a very bad liar and rarely tries to hide or bend the truth. Lying is bad and only bad people lie. Her inability to lie and her love of talking is a pretty bad combination. There are few nobles she hasn't managed to insult yet, which didn't exactly earn Amelia popularity with the upper classes. Thankfully, she is much too oblivious to realize.



~ Physical strength; she is much stronger than she looks.
~ Almost boundless amounts of energy; thanks to that and her physical strength she is very hard to tire out.
~ Memory; she has a very good memory when it comes to things she is interested in, the names of the constellations, for example.
~ Extroverted


~ Short attention span; because there are just too many interesting things around.
~ Geography; she knows all the baronies and counties on the Isles of America, but aside from that, well, she knows nothing about the whereabouts (or even the existence in some cases) of the parts of each Kingdom, including her own.
~ Manners; she skipped or ignored most of her Ethics classes, therefore she can't act like a perfect lady.
~ Obliviousness; she has moments when she can read the atmosphere and understand hidden messages, but mostly she can't.


~ Food; she loves eating, which can make her love-handles pronounced enough to make her panic.
~ Coffee; the sweet nectar of Gods. Much better than yucky tea.
~ Stories; especially legends and fairy tales about knights and princesses. Her favorites are the ones about a tribe where women were dominant.
~ Animals; especially dogs and birds. She has a blue lacy puppy called Jeffy. Also, there's an eagle she considers her friend, whom she named Liberty, Libby for short.
~ Dancing; not the stuffy ballroom dances of course, but folk and other fun dances.
~ Fist-fights; they are fun and the look on a guy's face when she beats him is just hilarious.


~ Pranks

~ Reading; only when she knows she can't go outside though.
~ Drawing and Singing; she isn't particularly good at either, but she enjoys doing them.


~ Stuffy balls and gowns
~ Arrogant royals and nobles
~ Embroidery and other boring, girly things
~ Getting lectured, which happens much too often.


~ Ghosts and monsters; not that they exist, of course not, those are just stupid stories meant to scare children!
~ Electric eels; they can shock you to death, after all. Not that she had ever met one, but she read about them in a story.
~ Being hated; she loves her family, her friends, and her people. She couldn't take it of they started hating her.
~ Loneliness; she likes being surrounded by people. She doesn't mind being alone for short periods of time, but any more than a day and she would wilt.


~ Reads ghost stories even though she's scared of them.
~ Likes to gaze up at the sky and imagine she can fly.
~ Tends to talk in Texan accent when surrounded by commoners.
~ Thinks non-American accents are cute.



It was 17 years ago, on possibly the hottest day of summer, that Amelia was born. She was the very much anticipated first child of Count and Countess Jones of California. Some people would consider her quite lucky; her family owned almost all the baronies and counties of the Isles of America after all.

Unfortunately, being the member of such a large and powerful family didn't suit her personality at all. From the moment the young girl could walk, she was already causing chaos and mischief everywhere. Breaking old and priceless vases, scaring the servants by suddenly tugging on their clothes, catching frogs and bugs, bringing them to the manor to show her mother and the ladies, and the list goes on and on. Still, everyone always forgave her right away. Who could resist those large blue eyes and that cute smile?

She was always much too rebellious for her own good. She wouldn't let the chamber maids dress her in those itchy, frilly dresses. She wouldn't let them force her in shoes. She wouldn't eat her vegetables, much preferring meat or simply dessert. The only threat that could get the stubborn little girl to agree to any of those things was not letting her play outside.

When she was deemed old enough to travel without her parents, she was sent off to her uncle's county named Texas. Her parents thought the little change of scenery would do her rebellious attitude some good. It did not turn out the way they expected.

It was in Texas that Amelia decided she wanted to work with the people. She enjoyed the work and the conversations she had with the commoners, although the amount of sweat and dirt on her skin bothered her for a few weeks. She got used to that though. And the parties! They were much better than the stuffy balls back at home. There was lively music, fun dance, and cheerful company.

After a year in Texas, which she still considers the best one in her life, she was called back home. She wasn't happy that she had to go back, but she did miss her parents a lot. After getting back, she tried to sneak out, knowing that her parents weren't as lax as her uncle. Her first attempt resulted in getting caught.

Her father punished Amelia by locking her up in her own room. She was begging to be let out after the first week. She was let out under one condition; attending her classes and never trying to sneak out again. She promised.

Although she loathed lying and breaking promises, the outside was much too tempting for her to pass up. So, at least once a month, she either sneaked out of the mansion with the help of one of the servants she had befriended or made up some excuse about shopping. The latter one was much rarer though. She had never been able to lie convincingly and she knew it.

To this day, she goes to Texas every two-three months to be with her friends there. She never promised her uncle that she would stay inside, so she doesn't feel guilty for technically breaking her promise at all. Maybe just a little bit.

If there was one thing Amelia had always been insecure about was her magic. As the daughter of a Count, who himself was quite well versed in magic, she was expected to inherit the same skills. However, that was not the case. She had a very basic control of water, barely managing to create a small wave in her family's pond. Amelia was not the type to give up, never had been, but magic was something she quickly came to hate. Everyone was better at it than her, even some of her friends from the fields!

One time, when she was helping out on the fields once again, some very low ranking noble came over to pester them. He was insulting them, saying bad things about Commoners and he even pointed his sword at one of her friends, cutting his cheek when her friend said something 'disrespectful'. She had no idea how it happened, but the moment she glared at the noble angrily, his cloak seemed to have caught on fire. The workers all watched in awe as the pompous man's cloak burned to little pieces, singeing his hand in the process.

After that day, Amelia started trying to control fire instead of water and, much to her surprise, she was actually good at it. Not great, not incredible, but good. Which was much better than her control of water. When Amelia asked her mother about it, she simply shrugged, and told her that her great grandfather was married to a woman from the Kingdom of the Sun.

Neither of her parents were exactly happy that she had better control of fire than water, but it was still better than nothing. So they reasoned. Amelia herself was proud of her abilities. They made her unique. And she liked heat much better than water anyway.

RP Sample:

Amelia fell on her back with a muted thud, a quiet sigh escaping her slightly chapped lips. She quickly flipped on her stomach, pressing her face into the grass. She took in the scent of the mud and the slightly wet grass. Even the earth smelled different in Texas. She continued lying there, enjoying the feel of the warm rays of the Sun caressing her bare arms and legs. This was the life. Much better than sometimes-rainy-sometimes-not California. True, the coastal parts were hot and all, but Sacramento, her city, was too much like the rest of the Kingdom.

Texas was like heaven for her. Her private little place, shared with a thousand other people. Just the way she liked it. The second largest county provided her with a place to run away to when her parents did something stupid. Like trying to hook her up.

"Melia, come, girl! Ted here won' believe ya can pack a punch!"

She sat up, with a grin already forming on her face. Another thing that was awesome about coming here; the men around here weren't afraid to hit her anymore. She stood up, fixing her top so as not to expose her breasts to the world. She had some decency. Not much, but a little. "Comin'!"

Her mother would have a heart attack if she knew that Amelia was learning how to fight while she was in Texas. Oh well. What she didn't know couldn't hurt her.



Name: Vicky, but you can call me Amelia.
Age: 17
Timezone: Central European Timezone, GMT+1
Anything else: Ice cream forever~

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Dumitru Vasilescu
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Dumitru Vasilescu

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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:04 am

Hello! Thank you for your application, but there are a few things that need to be fixed up before we can accept your application. Please feel free to fix them up as soon as possible, and we will look at it again. Don't worry. You still have two tries after this!

You do have her fleshed out a bit, but we would like to see more sides of her other than her good sides. We got the feeling that she didn't have all that many flaws in her. It would help us see that she is more well rounded as a character. It is not that we want it all to be negative, of course. We would just like to see that side of her a bit more since most of the application was only on her good points, especially in the personality and appearance sections.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your revisions. Please tell us when you have completed them.
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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:45 pm

Edited and hopefully improved!
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Dumitru Vasilescu
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Dumitru Vasilescu

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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:56 pm

I am sorry, but I am going to have to ask you to use your 2nd chance at a revision. Please don't take it personally!

There are some things that still do need to be fixed that I probably should have addressed the firs time around, so if you do want to blame me then that is fine. Many of the things that you mention in the application as important things to her were not even invented yet; for example cowboy boots and denim jeans. Also since she is royalty, she probably wouldn't be spending all that must time outside under normal circumstances of royalty, so please elaborate since it is mentioned numerous times. There are a few other things that need to be looked at since she is actually royalty so they don't make all that much sense. Once again, though it is a bit better now, we would like to see a more well balanced personality.

Please tell us when it is fixed again, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the admins about it. Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:26 pm

Aaaand edited once again!
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Dumitru Vasilescu
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Dumitru Vasilescu

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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:25 am

I am sorry, but you have used up your last try for editing. It has been fixed up from what was originally posted, but most of the problems that we asked to be edited are still in the application, especially in the personality portion. She just doesn't seem very well rounded as a character. I am sorry, but I am going to have to mark this application as rejected. If you would like, you are free to apply as another character!
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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]    

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Amelia Jones [Fem!America] Application [Edited]
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