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 Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}

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Alfred F. Jones, esq.

Alfred F. Jones, esq.

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Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}  Empty
PostSubject: Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}    Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 4:14 pm

Alfred F. Jones

**Sit down at my table**
Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}  1448prb
**Put your mind at ease**

Alfred F. Jones, esq.


Kingdom of Origin:
Kingdom of the Moon

Territory within the Kingdom:
The North American Isles (America to be exact)

Nobility (esquire, though set to inherit the title of Baron from his father)

[Snake oil salesman]
Officially? Alfred has no job. However, the crafty and cheerful young man has taken up a job or two on the side, in order to repair his family's monetary situation. That is, Alfred peddles various wares (most of them being quackery) in an attempt to convince the good people of the Kingdom of the Moon to donate generously to his pockets. Of course, this isn't Alfred's only means of earning money. 3 card monte, pricking the garter, and other various forms of hustling serve this smooth talking gentleman quite well. Simply put, Alfred is a con man and snake oil salesman.

Control of an element?:
Control of Water
(very little, however. His powers are little more than parlor tricks. But it's best not to underestimate them in the hands of a con man like Alfred)

**If you relax,**

Standing at nearly 5'9, Alfred is about average height for men his age. However, he has quite the tendency to stand out, and often tries to (when he isn't trying to avoid unwanted notice, that is). While not lean and skinny, Alfred is not fat. Rather, he's quite fit from travelling and being an all around busybody. He's always on the move, and generally tries to keep his strength up, so it's no surprise that he's actually quite muscular. Much to his displeasure, however, muscle weighs more than fat.

His long golden blonde hair is generally kept in a ponytail. However, Alfred's hair is anything but neat. It has the nasty habit of being unable to sit still (much like the person it belongs to) and has a bit of a disagreement with gravity. One hair, Alfred jokingly refers to it as Nantucket, even dares to completely defy gravity and stick straight up. Alfred can't even slick that hair down, if he wanted to.

Another noticeable feature are the bright blue eyes that seem to jump around the room, always looking for something interesting. When something has caught his interest, however, the blue eyes rarely leave their target. It's important to note that Alfred wears spectacles. Alfred's skin is a tanned color, earned from years out in the sun and his fair share of sunburns. Oddly enough, for the Kingdom of the Moon, Alfred does have a fondness for the sun- that's not to say he doesn't love the night.

As for his appearance, if Alfred could get away with frumpy and messy clothes, he certainly would wear them. However, as both a noble and a con man, a disheveled appearance could cost Alfred greatly, so the young man reluctantly takes great care with his style. If he has to play a part, then he must look the part, and Alfred knows that very well. Few people would believe and trust their money with someone dressed as a beggar, after all.


At first glance, Alfred seems like a rather stupid young man who has the maturity of a five year old. Such a first impression is only partly right. While Alfred is quite frankly an idiot when it comes to things he doesn't care for, it would be unwise to underestimate his intelligence. Alfred couldn't tell you a thing about literature or history, but he knows how to deal with people. Alfred is extroverted and quick witted, that is, he's an opportunist who makes the most out of what he has, and often he'll be trying to get your hard earned cash for little to no work.

Alfred is a glass half full person. He's optimistic and it takes quite a bit to get him down. Despite his rather shady line of work, Alfred is willing to believe the best in people. After all, a good number of people have generously donated to his sob stories. He has a firm belief that things can be improved with a bit of luck and some hard work (and maybe a stacked deck, but life doesn't exactly play fair either). Alfred will do anything short of outright cruelty to get what he wants, which is quite ruthless when it comes down to it.

It would be an outright lie to claim that Alfred didn't have his regrets. While he tries to ease his conscience by targeting people who can afford to lose money, he knows he has wronged people in need. In his darker moments, he even calls himself a villain, one of the worst insults in his opinion. In addition, Alfred is insecure about his weight and eating habits. With the right words, someone could tear him down. Yet, Alfred is not one to lie down for particularly long. If he can, the stubborn young man will right himself once more and continue with life.

When it comes to relationships, Alfred is a very affectionate person. If one has his respect, he is incredibly loyal and will do what he can to assist. He's not one to keep his affection for people inside. If you are his friend, or perhaps even someone closer, he will let you know frequently. His need for affection and attention runs deeper than this. He's quite a huggy person, that is. Alfred will frequently hug both his friends and significant others, feeling that physical affection is just another way to show how much he trusts and cares for them.

As for the other part of the impression, Alfred is deep down a child at heart. This reveals itself in his easily excitable nature as well as many of his interests. He looks up to heroes, and often wishes that his magic powers had been stronger so he could have become a caped crusader without having to turn to conning. Alfred also has quite the weakness for children's tales and stuffed animals, becoming giddy and overeager at the sight of them.

**It will enable me to do-**

*Lying - Alfred is a practiced and admittedly talented liar. However, he much prefers the term "stretching the truth". Either way, his livelihood depends on making others believe the tales he has spun.
*Strength - While not abnormally strong, Alfred is stronger than most men his age. If thrown into a fight, Alfred can almost certainly count on his brute strength.
*Courage - Half of a con is sheer audacity. Alfred relies on courage and sheer audacity to work.
*Optimism - Alfred is an optimistic young man, who routinely expects the best. It keeps him happy, healthy, and always aiming for the stars.
*Street Smarts - With a good background of it, Alfred is quite streetwise. He knows how to read people, to sense the flow of crowds, how to hustle, etc. Without these talents, Alfred would have been kept off the streets long ago.
*Charm - Tall, blonde, handsome, and with a bright grin, Alfred knows how to charm people. He's charismatic and can use a simple smile to get what he wants.

*Book Smarts - Academically speaking, Alfred is an idiot. He knows little of subjects that he doesn't use in day to day life, which results in a young man who knows basic math, basic reading/writing, and enough general information to bullshit anyone who isn't well-educated.
*Easily Distracted - Alfred has a bit of a one track mind. If he is completely focused on something, he has a tendency to lose track of anything else.
*Guilt - Growing up as a child who had been enraptured by stories of heroes, Alfred has his fair share of guilt at becoming a criminal of sorts. He has made mistakes, and he knows he has damaged people. Yet, the young man tries to keep some sort of standards into his cons, yet he knows deep down that it doesn't fully excuse his actions.
*Self Esteem - While usually a confident and charming young man, Alfred does have chinks in his armor. That is, he is sensitive about his weight. Such a topic causes great distress for Alfred.
*Lazy - While Alfred is no stranger to hard work, he is quite partial to cheating his way out of it. He is quite likely to take the easy way out of situations, causing quite a bit of trouble for himself and others.

*Cooking - One of Alfred's true passions is cooking. It gives him great joy (and it's a good source of stress relief). Alfred is actually quite a good cook, though most nobles would frown on such a hobby since there are servants to do that. However, cooking is certainly one of Alfred's less dangerous hobbies.
*Eating - While not precisely a gourmet, Alfred likes food. He has quite strong opinions about food (that is, most of it is delicious- particularly fatty, salty, or sweet foods). Though there are foods Alfred will not enjoy, they are few and far between.
*Magic - Alfred really enjoys magic, whether it be the magic of the world or parlor tricks performed by individuals. It doesn't have to be a scam or even performed by him, he just finds it simply mesmerizing.
*Children's Tales - Alfred absolutely adores children's tales. The hope, magic, and mystery appeal greatly to him. The few books he reads are such tales and picture books, allowing him to nurture his childish side, while looking at lovely pictures. If he wasn't a con man, Alfred would have the makings of a good storyteller.
*Chldren (platonically) - Alfred has a soft spot for children a mile wide. Admittedly he's a mother hen. He just can't resist spoiling or fussing over children. Though, another factor in this is that he is very much a child at heart.

*Bullies - Alfred might be a trickster who lies for money, but he simply cannot stand bullying. It leaves a bad taste in his mouth, and he certainly goes out of his way to humiliate and con bullies, even if it goes against his street smarts.
*Authority - Alfred has a slight problem with authority. That is, he's a bit of a free spirit and very much of an antsy guy who can't stay cooped up in one place for particularly long. He hates being ordered around and is more likely to do the opposite of the demand than listen to it.
*Violence - Alfred has a great distaste for violence. He finds it quite unsavory and unnecessary. If he can avoid it, Alfred does so.
*Tea - Alfred has a great dislike for the warm drink. He simply cannot stand the taste, no matter how much sugar he dumps into it.
*Winter - Alfred hates being cold, he much prefers warm days or warm blankets. He loves being out in the sun or even cloudy days when he can play in the rain. However, when it is much too cold, Alfred prefers to stay indoors and out of the cold, despite how trying it is for his busy nature.

*Ghosts - Owing to some traumatic stories as a child, Alfred has a paralyzing fear of ghosts. The normally brave and boastful young man can be reduced to a quivering mess of tears if confronted with a ghost, fake or real.
*Freezing to death - Due to an unpleasant experience as a child, Alfred is absolutely terrified of freezing to death. He prefers sunny climates and warm places where he doesn't have to worry about such things. If forced to go out during winter, it's certainly easy to spot him, since he wraps himself in as much clothing as he can.
*Getting Caught - If there is anything Alfred is adverse to, it's getting caught. It would make his profession much more difficult, seeing as he'd either be killed, thrown in jail, or people would know to look out for him. Either way, getting caught is never a good thing in Alfred's opinion.

*Despises Food Waste - There are few thing Alfred hates more than wasting food. He will always clean his plate and insists that others do the same. Food is very valuable to him, and he can't stand it going to waste.
*Stuffed Animals - Owing to his inner child, Alfred has quite the weakness for stuffed animals. He loves how fluffy, soft and just adorable they can be. If there is one way to make him warm up to a person, it's stuffed animals (or good food).
*Bad Pickup Lines - Alfred is quite the aficionado of bad puns. He finds them absolutely hilarious and won't hesitate to use one if the situation calls for it. Similarly, he quite enjoys using bad pick up lines on people he finds cute or just wants to joke with.
*Stress Eater - When stressed, Alfred has the bad habit of eating fatty foods. It's a source for comfort for him, and he often turns to it. He is well aware of the ill effects of this habit, yet he is not motivated enough to stop.

**Anything I please~**

Alfred was born to the Baron and Baroness of Rhode Island, a small barony in the American region of the Kingdom of the Moon. Until he reached school age, Alfred was coddled and spoiled by his parents. Their hold on Alfred decreased when he began to attend school in the nearby (and slightly larger and more wealthy) barony of Massachusetts. There, Alfred was a studious young boy, wanting to please his parents and become a good leader for what he considered the best barony in all of America and maybe even the world.

When he was a bit older, 7 to be exact, the Jones family fortune faltered slightly. That is, for a while, there wasn't enough money to keep the Joneses in the lifestyle that they had been accustomed to. This resulted in a cold, hungry winter that young Alfred never quite forgot. Yet by Spring, the family fortune mysteriously returned, and not a thought would be given to it for another 7 years.

However, when he reached the age of 13, his life changed dramatically. He had graduated from the school in Massachusetts with more than passing (but not top) marks. He was then sent to a faraway school in the much larger barony of Louisiana for more schooling. Still wanting to make his parents proud, his first year went quite well. However, things got worse. A large scandal in the barony of Rhode Island was uncovered. The money of the people had essentially been laundered or outright stolen by the ruling officials, including Alfred's father. The mysterious return of the family fortune had finally been explained. What money that had gone to them had been frittered away in parties, luxuries, and alcohol. Thus, the Jones family fortune had been ruined. Many of the lesser nobles had been arrested and tried. However, with their clout and old family name, the Jones family had managed to escape this.

As for young Alfred, he had three years of school left, with the amount of money his parents paid, that is. Yet, the scandal had resulted in a loss of Alfred's faith in both his parents and the school he had been shipped off to. Making friends with some of the more mischievous boys, Alfred began cutting class in favor of taking to the streets. His academic learning ended there, and Alfred began training in the trade of conning and hustling. It was a difficult start, but eventually Alfred learned his trade, and he learned it quite well. Out of his earnings, he would keep some for himself, and send the rest to his parents. Despite his disillusionment with his parents, he still keeps up this tradition, since they are family and had been good to him.

Alfred left the school in Louisiana when he was 17, and started his travels, moving from place to place whenever authorities became too suspicious or his mark noticed too many slips in his act. It's been two years since then, and Alfred shows no sign of stopping.

RP Sample:
(( Unrelated AU, but if you need me to write a sample matching this 'verse, I am willing to do so ))
-1911, the Wild West-

“Mister! You gotta help me! She’s gone!” the man sobbed. He was an average looking ranch hand, complete with jean overalls.

“She? What’s wrong, mister?” a young man, perched atop a horse, asked in a Texas drawl. The boy had messy and thick blonde hair with eyes as blue as the desert sky. He was not a unique sight, since quite a few men dressed up as gunmen complete with the ten gallon hat and boots.

“They took my girl! My Betsy! The outlaws down in Tombstone took her! Please Mister! Ya gotta get her back for me!” the ranch hand was in tears.

“Alright mister, I’ll see what I can to. After all, I’m a hero,” Mister Alfred Jones grinned. After all, he was never one to abandon someone in need. “Giddyap!” he yelled, urging his horse, Liberty, to ride to the (ghost)town of Tombstone.

The town of Tombstone had once been a bustling town of 100, before the train passed right by it, that is. With the nearest train stop in a different town, there was no reason to stay. Everyone just up and left, leaving the town to let it resemble its namesake. Everything was covered in dust and most of the paint had faded, and like spiders, outlaws had made the ghost town their hideout.

Not being one for sneaking around the back or being subtle, Alfred busted into the front part of the town and smoked the outlaws out. That was when he saw them, a young woman and a horse.

“Lucky I found you, miss. Yer man’s been missing you fiercely,” Alfred said, tipping his hat as a greeting.

The woman merely laughed in response. “My man? He’s dead. That yellow fever outbreak didn’t sit well with him.”

“Then you’re not Betsy?” Alfred was confused. If that woman wasn’t Betsy, then who was?

“Betsy’s right here, Miss. I lifted her off a ranch hand by the name of Gus about a week ago,” the woman patted the horse. “But since he’s missing her so fiercely, we should reunite the two lovers. Thanks for the laugh, darlin’.” The woman got on her horse and laughed her way back to the ranch, with Alfred leading.

“Betsy! Oh I missed you girl!” Gus ran over to his true love with tears in his eyes. “We’re never gonna be apart again y’hear?”

Alfred and the woman stood back, not wanting to interrupt the tearful reunion.

“I ain’t never seen nothin’ like it, Mister Alfred,” the woman was still chuckling.

Alfred cringed, “I have. My dad Arthur and my uncle Francis used to raise goats.”



Fishy (But Al or Alfie or Alfred would do just as well)


Depends on the time of year. School year - Eastern US time. Vacation - Pacific Time

Anything else:
I adore peach pie.
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Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}    Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 1:14 pm

Absolutely fabulous! Oh goodness, Alfred and bad puns. I can't wait to see what he comes up with xD
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Alfred F. Jones {United States of America}
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