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 Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE-

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Phoebe Evans

Phoebe Evans

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Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE- Empty
PostSubject: Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE-   Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE- Icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 8:45 pm

Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE- W4s9v
Name:Phoebe Evans
Age: 15
Kingdom of Origin: The Southern Kingdom
Territory within the Kingdom: The rogue principality of Wy
Rank: Commoner or self declared princess, depending on who you ask.
Profession [if it applies]: Making small trinkets and selling them as unreasonable prices
Control of an element?: A little control over earth in the form of clay. It would not suffice to adequately protect herself beyond getting grit really, really stuck in someone's mucus membranes. As is, she mostly shapes clay and makes nice paints with her little bit of talent with the element.
Appearance: A basic overview of her features are as follows: She is wavering between 4'7" and 4'8". Her eyes are a light brown those of a poetic nature/ brown-nosing nature describe as amber and her wavy hair is a dark brown. Phoebe always has a bit of a tan and freckles on top of said tan. She also has small but expressive eyebrows that due to their slightly thick nature, a small scar on her forehead that she covers up with a bandage and her bangs and always having some form of paint or ink splatters on her skin or clothes.

Phoebe has lately been becoming more wiry as she is undergoing a growth spurt but she retains some rather unladylike light defined muscle from years of rough housing with her brother and friends. Her nails are always a bit on the ragged side, as she is prone to chewing them when she becomes nervous. During the summer months, she is covered head to toe in freckles.

The young girl more often than not, wears her elder brother's hand-me-downs roughly edited to fit her more comfortably (i.e shortening his breeches and a noble and very successful effort to dye a smock of his pink). When simply playing or painting, Phoebe wears a particularly ratty pair of modified breeches, a white top she out of grew years before, a red scarf for artistic effect and her pink smock. No shoes required. She tends to tuck a flower in her hair every so often, maybe as a sign of emerging femininity. She's never been interested nor invited to formal affairs so the few dresses she has are on the short and outdated side but that suits her well enough.
Stubborn: Phoebe has been known to argue with people to the point of exhaustion, bringing up near non-existent points because she simply cannot accept losing. It is simply not an option to her. She will not accept that certain jars will not open and that there is no way rhyme any word in the English language with 'orange'. Phoebe is most definitely a 'never say die' sort to a fault.

Creative: She lives for the arts, in particular, painting. However it isn't just painting and drawing she limits herself to, she adores the entire category of artistic expression. Poetry, dance, acting, music; she delights in it all though she is best at visual art and well, mediocre at best with music and dance.

Restless: Her insatiable quest for amusement and adventure isn't limited to not liking to be confined to a room. If Phoebe is required to limit herself to one activity to do or contemplate over at a single subject at a time, you will have a very displeased young girl. Unless she can completely lose herself in a subject, it's best to give her multiple things to mull over at once. Of course, more often than not those things are why boys act so stupid, is a certain person worth it to pick pocket and when will she ever get a womanly figure.

Childish: As mature as she believes she is, Phoebe's inner 5 year old tends to rear her head often. Pouting, slamming doors, sticking her tongue out at people, not being able to sleep during a thunderstorm? Far from the adult she pretends to be. The fact that she cannot part without her stuffed Bunny, Peaches, is just the icing on the cake of her immaturity.

Sensitive: Much to her great shame, Phoebe takes everything said to her to heart. Though she puts on a disaffected front, she truly is as sensitive as any young girl. She even gets slightly depressed whenever someone teases her about her eyebrows and may even cry (though she hates to show tears in public).

Brash: Phoebe has a temper and a vocabulary which is far better suited to a sailor or even a pirate than a young lady. She tries her best to not cuss around adults but every so often, she slips up and lets a colorful word pass through her lips. She has a terrible temper and cannot tolerate being teased (even playfully).
Strengths and Weaknesses:
✓ Artistic
✓ Strong Willed
✓ Low maintanance

Stubborn ☓
Short tempered ☓
Restless ☓
Likes/hobbies and Dislikes:
•Clockwork trinkets
•Watching ships
•New art supplies
•Tales of daring
•Artistic expression; be it drawing, painting or sculpting
•Vibrant colors

•Being reminded her behavior is unacceptable for a young lady
•People with no imagination
•Close calls
•Authority figures questioning her
•Stifling clothes
Fears, Quirks, etc:
•As embarrassingly childish as it may be, she's terrified of the dark
•Strange looking fish
•If Phoebe is fond of you, chance are, she will draw/paint on you
Biography [3 paragraph minimum]:

It was all started by a dream. Or rather, the dream of one man, Phoebe's father, Prince Paul. All it took was the kingdom seizing some of their property and thwarting every effort the family made at procuring themselves a path to lead to their house. Normal citizens would have given up but not Paul and his family of a wife, an older son and then, very young Phoebe. If the kingdom didn't suit their needs, then they were just going to make a kingdom of their own. It was needless to say, the family were known as the local eccentrics even before they created their land of 'Wy'.

It was surprisingly easy to convince the nearest kingdoms to accept their status as independent and as the rulers of their own plot of land. All the artistic family had to do was make themselves crowns and capes, an easy feat. For a while, things were very good for the Evans'. All they needed was their land, each other, creative outlets and their pet rabbits they jokingly referred to as their 'steeds'. However, this idyllic, fanciful living had to come to a halt when hit with the reality they have to have their kingdom somehow.

Phoebe was the one who came up with the idea of opening a shop, selling the wares that the family made. Pottery and paintings from her and her mother, sketches and poetry from her father and brother. As for her education, she has learned to read and do basic arithmetic from her parents, as with her brother but her favorite form of education is venturing out of their principality and into the neighboring kingdoms and observing what she sees there. Loading docks and markets are particular favorites, especially in the vocabulary she picks up from the sailors and frustrated barterers.
RP Sample [3 paragraph minimum]:

There was nothing, nothing
absolutely nothing scarier than a school at night and Asher Academy was
no exception. In fact, it seemed ages creepier than most other schools
at night. Why so? The Academy was on a very muggy island in Florida. Fog
always added a scary factor to every situation by at least fifteen

Now was not the time to freak out! No way! That would be
humiliating, even if she was alone at the moment. Piper fiddled with
her neon green polka-dotted pajama shorts, hoping the bright colors, her
signature look, would give her comfort. Her orange tank, fuschia
ponytail holder and the delightedly stereotypical bunny slippers, while
not giving her any dignity whatsoever, helped the Australian girl feel
more at home.

She desperately hoped her teammate for the
challenge wasn't some prissy scaredy-cat. Piper was jumpy as is, a
walking cream puff of a companion would only make the situation worse.

"Eva~!" Piper called out the name she was given on a card by a senior. "Umm, Eva! Where are you?"
The girl couldn't really contain the panic in her voice as she was
frantically searching for her team mate. Maybe she had chickened out and
left Piper to fend for herself. She couldn't ever forgive her if that
was the case. Bouncing on the heels of her slippers, Piper began to
pace, clutching her stuffed animal tighter and tighter.
-from Back in the Days

Name [what you want us to call you]: Chauncy
Age: 20 ;u;
Timezone: EST
Anything else: Peanut butter mousse with a chocolate shell -le swoon-
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Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE-   Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE- Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 11:12 pm

Ack, she's so cute! I'm pleased to welcome you! You are accepted! Please post about the forums and feel free to change your name!
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Phoebe Evans {Wy} Application -DONE-
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