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 Application for Denmark [Complete]

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Matthias Køhler

Matthias Køhler

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Application for Denmark [Complete] Empty
PostSubject: Application for Denmark [Complete]   Application for Denmark [Complete] Icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2012 9:31 pm

Mathias Køhler
Application for Denmark [Complete] Imagec10
Name: Mathias Køhler
Age: 29
Kingdom of Origin: Northern Kingdom
Territory within the Kingdom: Danish Territory
Rank: Høvedsmand (overseer of his land)
Elemental Control: Exceptionally good control over ice and snow, has practiced enough that it's nearly instinctive.
Appearance: His features are the epitome of the Northern stereotype, he is high browed, pale skinned, has shining fair hair, and icey-blue eyes that can only be described as piercing. Mathias is also an imposing guy, standing at about 6'5 and heavily muscled with broad shoulders and big hands. However, said hands are surprisingly smooth and unmarred from wearing thick gloves all the time, while the rest of his body is covered in scars that the man bears with pride. The hulking appearance is only accentuated by the heavy clothes and furs he piles on, plus his favorite accessory, a double-bladed axe even more intimidating than himself.

Yet, despite looking something like a savage, Mathias does have odd fondness for things normally considered effeminate. He's very proud of his hair and often lets it grow out so that it becomes more of a mane, though he preens it enough that it's always in the perfect state of stylish disarray. In addition, he likes adorning himself with carved bone-jewelry and sometimes chains made of various expensive metals. His weapons are usually of the finest craftsmen and decorated as such, and likewise his clothes are a tentative balance between practical and lavish with their silver clasps and meticulous embroidery.

In addition, Mathias is extremely expressive and can supposedly be read like an open book. He sports a perpetual grin that ranges from cheery to shit eating to utterly blood thirsty.

Personality: Arrogant and brash is the first thing that shoves itself in your face, quickly followed by grating, obnoxious, loudness and an unsettling cheery demeanor from one known to taunt their way into vicious fights for no other reason then the joy of the adrenaline rush and proving their right to survive.

He's disturbingly easy to hate, with utter self-assuredness mixed in with stubbornness and obliviousness that makes him utterly impervious to even the harshest of insults; they normally receive nothing but a rumbling laugh and a stupid little taunt that's so idiotic it's more infuriating than one from a wittier tongue.

However, while Mathias is a sadistic and violent ruler, he is not cruel. He honestly believes in the rigid hierarchy and that he's better than the people under him, having nothing against scaring the shit out of a serving-maid or tripping a particularly snobby official; perhaps turning into an immature teenager and taking someone's clothes from the side of the river, but he also believes that it is his responsibility to take care of his people on a general scale because of his superiority. So, while the Dane's default is a happy-go-lucky idiot, when duty calls he can 'sober up' real fast. It has the disquieting feeling of watching someone's mask slip off as one watches Mathias become increasingly cynical under increasing stress.

Yet, his love for the brawl and the battlefield translates over into official policies more often than his advisors would like, making the Danish territories one of the more troublesome areas of the Northern Kingdom as Mathias is constantly testing the boundaries of the limited autonomy the territories are given.

Also, he has a fondness for the wilderness that transcends his status, which often has him traipsing about the forests for long stretches and abandoning his official duties when he feels stifled. His advisors usually don't mind the reprieve from his constant chatter.
Strengths: Mathias is amazing in combat, and consequently an extremely formidable opponent. He has very high pain tolerance, uncanny strength, reflexes born from a lifetime of picking fights, and oftentimes uses his elemental abilities to give himself an unfair advantage. His endurance is nigh superhuman and if he can't win straightaway he can usually simply wear the other down with an absolutely unrelenting attack style. Can stand extremely cold temperatures as if he was born from the snow.

Weaknesses: However, he is not very smart and not one to think about risks. More often than not the Dane rushes in headfirst and throws the outcome of things to chance. Seems to be easily tricked as well as easily manipulatable. Also, absolutely cannot stand heat and stays away from the warmer kingdoms because of that.

Likes/hobbies: Hunting, getting drunk, sailing, fighting, and being an insufferable bully.

Quirks: Can fall asleep anywhere, if he gets bored or there's nothing to do he'll just nod off. He also sings to himself, loudly. He meticulously cares for all of his equipment himself and doesn't let any servants do it.

Fears: More then anything, he fears silence and being alone, and he doesn't let himself ponder just why that is. Failure to do his duties as the head of the Danish people is also a big one.

Dislikes: Reading, he doesn't mind listening to stories but he gets other people to read the things he's supposed to (likely not very literate and struggles with writing as well). He gets uncomfortable in exclusively man made places where there's no natural influence to be found. Whiny people that don't try and help themselves are often the targets of his more malevolent games due to his disgust for that personality type.
Biography: Mathias always knew he was going to be great, he was the son of the most important man in the land. He was the strongest, he was the luckiest, he got the most praise, he got the best food.

When he was 16 he killed his first bear.


And when he dragged back the stinking pelt, head impaled on his makeshift spear, Mathias became a man and he proved his place as his father's blood; the blood that hummed with the power of the merciless snow and ice that made them strong from its brutal cold. It was the element that drove away all of the advancing ideals and advancing people with their soft skin and softer minds filled with mathematics and petty poems (let's see them take on the great ice beasts). It was the element that embraced the people made from its silent roar.

It was Mathias's soulmate.

When he was 20 his father killed his wife and then himself.

Mathias inherited his axe (he also learned its name) and his responsibility, with a lifetime of preparation to guide him and a castle full of people waiting to prove him weak and incompetent. He struggled and floundered and caused divisions and...

And one day, everyone realized, that somehow the man had wormed his way into their hearts and wrapped clumsy hands around their loyalty without anyone realizing how, while everyone still found him nothing but an overgrown child, an obnoxious moron.

And, inexplicably, someone that deserved ultimate respect.

RP Sample: So… It wasn’t that bad.

Really, this was his land after all—and it was beautiful and he loved it dearly. It wasn’t as if the Dane was boring him or anything, either. Knowledge was knowledge and he soaked it all up, along with the pleasant rush of the river beside them and the wash of Mathias words. Asking more questions then really necessary was fun too.


His feet really really hurt.

So as soon as they stopped at a clearing Eduard plopped down almost at once, pack sliding off his shoulders and onto the leaf covered floor, groaning and sprawling out; just listening to Mathias rummage around and set up the fire. Until…

The blonde made a face upon being asked to actually do something, “Ah… Fine fine, just- Give me a moment.”

With great struggle, Eduard pushed himself up, resisting the urge to complain while lethargically brushing off the dirt that clung to his coarse clothes. Stumbling the first few steps away from the camp, he muttered a halfhearted ‘be right back’ and wandered off—finding that this particular area actually wasn’t that great for finding fallen branches…

However, after a little bit, Eduard had found a serviceable amount, and also his way to the edge of an arm of, he assumed, the river they’d followed much of the way.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t quite see the root sticking up slightly from the ground when he went to grab one last branch.

Also unfortunate was how unexpectedly slippery the steep riverbank was.

Thankfully however, Eduard managed to shriek before he was dragged down the ice-cold river, clawing desperately at any possible handhold in his reach.
Name: Alana
Age: 16
Timezone: PST
Anything else: I adore mint icecream I guess.

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Application for Denmark [Complete] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for Denmark [Complete]   Application for Denmark [Complete] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 12:31 am

I am pleased to say that you are accepted! Welcome to the site, my dear! Feel free to change your name, post about, make friends, all that good stuff!
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Application for Denmark [Complete]
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