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 Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application

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PostSubject: Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application   Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 5:22 pm

Halimeda Karpusi

Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application Halipicture
Made by firebreathingfishie on dA


Halimeda Karpusi
Kingdom of Origin:
Kingdom of the Sun
Territory within the Kingdom:
Isle of Greece
Control of an element?:
Yes, fire. The most she can do with it is make pretty patterns in the air with small ropes of fire.


She has dark brown hair that falls halfway down her back. It’s full of curves and waves, meaning that if it were ever straightened it would reach down past her butt. Hali is fairly tall, with tanned skin coming from her youth days spent on the beaches of Greece. Her eyes are a green-ish blue color, leaning more towards blue with a few faint green shades hidden in them.

Having grown used to hot temperatures she normally dresses in warm clothes, often in flow dresses and sandals. For formal occasions, she wears long dresses made of light fabrics that won’t retain heat. She tries not to go to formal events though, because she doesn’t like having to wear long dresses.

She’s a bright cheery girl, with serious moments only when the situation calls for it. She loves cute and fluffy things (besides cats, something Heracles is shocked about) and she’s incredibly fond of the color pink. She often doesn’t really agree with the policies of the kingdom, though thankfully she doesn’t have to deal with them being a lady instead of something like a princess. She has a strong desire to visit other kingdoms, especially the colder ones as they sound like they’ll be lots of fun.

Hali is a smart girl, one who enjoys actual discussions of things such as books and pieces of art and whatnot. She just doesn’t often get to, as most people see her as a complete ditz who doesn’t understand things like that. Though to be fair to them, she does act like a ditz sometimes. She never means to, but sometimes when she gets excited things just fly out of her head and she ends up embarrassing herself or, more likely, the people around her.
Despite what her girly nature would lead a person to believe, she absolutely loves getting dirty and covered in mud. She feels closer to nature when digging around in the dirt, and as the Isle of Greece is very well known for its hidden artifacts, she has an excuse to be digging. Of course, she only digs where people can’t see her, as it is improper for a lady to be playing in the dirt.


X She’s good at talking with people.
X She’s very athletic and flexible
X She’s good with horses, perfectly capable of calming them down and riding them.
X She’s great swimmer, as is natural for someone who grew up on an island.

X When she gets nervous she gets very bubbly and giggly.
X If she uses fire for long periods of time, she ends up burning her fingers.
X She can’t be left alone with cats without panicking a little and trying to hide.

X Talking with people; Hali feels brighter and happier when she's talking with people.
X Getting into arguments; it might be weird, but it's an interaction with someone else which is why she likes it so much.
X Different Cultures; she enjoys exploring and learning new things, though her resources are often limited.

X Cats; she’s seen far too many of them, and she’s just gotten tired of being surrounded by cats.
X The color black; she’s not entirely sure why, but the color bugs her.
X Rules; she has no true respect for them and only goes along with them.
X Birds; she thinks they're cute, but being close to them freaks her out.

Fears, Quirks, etc:
X Sex; she wants to try it, wants to see what it's like, but she’s scared of the pain she knows accompanies it.
X Death; a common fear but one that makes it hard to sleep at night.
X She talks about sex as if she's had it before, using the novellas in her mother's attic as her source.
X She can talk about anything for hours, if given the right material.



Born to a strong couple some years after their first child, Halimeda never wished for anything. She grew up knowing her place in life and just what she would be allowed access to because of her place. Having never been left wanting, Hali was a spoiled child with an insatiable hunger for more things. By the time she was ten her room was filled with dresses and jewels of all shapes and colors. Her parents, of course, did everything they could to make her happy and spent most of their time spoiling their children. Halimeda was probably the most content girl to be found on the island.

However, as soon as she turned eleven her parents suddenly stopped treating her like their little princess and started treating her as a means to an end. After all, as much as they liked being Lord and Lady Karpusi, they truly wanted to move up in life - that was their whole reason for trying to have a daughter in the first place. They started educating Hali on everything that would make her the best princess possible, often locking her out of her room so she would toughen up and stop clinging to the childish things they used to shower her with.

By twenty, she had changed from the spoiled child she had been to a strong, if childish, young woman who would accompany her brothers to parties in an effort to find a husband above her station. Hali might have even succeeded if her father hadn't gotten into an accident involving an angry woman and her collections of knives. After the funeral, Hali and her brother were made the Lady and Lord Karpusi, as their mother had disappeared after the funeral had ended.

Since then, Hali has made an effort to turn down every note of interest from men who remembered her as the flirtatious young woman who would follow them around at parties. She had a lot of work to do now, and she couldn't afford to be distracted by these men and their silly games.

RP Sample: ((I took this from a different RP; if I need one specific to this forum, I’ll make one. ))
It wasn't often that Hali got time to read. Of course she had days off, but she spent the majority of those days making sure her apartment was clean and nothing was out of place. She liked it when things were organized; she was better able to control things if they were organized. Her home was her domain, her place to be queen. She liked that. But keeping the apartment so clean and tidy left her little time for any other hobbies, including reading. She had no books at her apartment - too expensive and there was no room for them really. So when she got the chance, she went to one of the many libraries sprinkled throughout the city to find something.

The libraries were all relatively large, with nonfiction and fiction books a like. Of course, no books prior to the new government were approved, so all of the books contained some message pertaining to the Elite. When she had started learning to read, she hadn't known this; Hali was positive they were all the best stories ever and that she wanted to be just like the girls in those stories. Looking back on those times was a little source of shame for her, because now she understood the pain in her father's eyes whenever she said that.

But now wasn't the time to dwell on that. Now was time to find some novels and lose herself in them, pretending that there was no underlying message, that the Elite weren't trying to brain wash her through books. And she had gotten good at it, over the years. When she became a teenager and had the extra money to buy books, she would scribble in them, pointing out everything that had something to do with the Elite. She had burned those books, pretending that she wanted to have a little get together with her neighbors when she left and didn't want to burden her family with the left over books that she would never come back for.

Sighing and shaking her head, Hali put a smile on her face and checked into the library, swiping her card after entering to let the library know that a familiar face was back. The system was odd, and she almost envied the new people who came in. Almost. After all, they would be put into the system soon enough, if they were permanent residents of the city. If not, they wouldn't be allowed to take any books out.

Waving at the librarian as she based, the Grecian bounced over to her favorite section of the library. It was not at all stereotypical that she loved romance novels, plenty of men and women loved them. In fact, there were men in that section right now. Nodding a greeting at them, Hali quickly started browsing through the books for anything she hadn't read. Shouldn't be too hard, considering how many books there were versus the small amount of time she had reserved for them.


Name: Abby
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT -5
Anything else: Is this where I talk about dessert? If so, I love chocolate stuff, especially chocolate cookies. -nods-
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PostSubject: Re: Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application   Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 7:08 pm

Wonderful! You're Accepted! <3 Have fun~
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Halimeda Karpusi // Fem Greece Application
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