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 Hasnonian Royalty

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PostSubject: Hasnonian Royalty   Hasnonian Royalty Icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 10:46 pm


Throughout history, the rulers of the Kingdoms of Hasnonia have changed many times. Royalty is determined not only by strength in magic and bloodline, but also by the territory in power. At the moment, the five territories in power are as follows: Russia, England, Spain, and China. Some of the recent changes included a Germanic Union in power in the Kingdom of the Moon, later taken over by England and dissolved into the territory of Germany and the region of Prussia. Similarly, in the Kingdom of the Sun, the last territory to rule before Spain was Rome, now the Italian Peninsula.

However, there is Royalty in the territories that aren't in power, they just are Kings or Princes, but rather Lords and Barons and so on. Their magic may be just as strong, if not stronger, than the Royalty who is in power.

It is impossible for a Commoner to being Royalty, even if they are married into the Royal Family. They will not be treated the same, especially in Kingdoms with a tougher caste system. Just as well, it is punishable by law if a person of Royalty is treated with disrespect by one lower than them on the social scale, whether said Royalty appears to be Royal or not. Crueler Royals in power have been known to trick Commoners for sport.
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Hasnonian Royalty
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