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 The garden~ ( Open to anyone! )

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Roderich Edelstein

Roderich Edelstein

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The garden~ ( Open to anyone! ) Empty
PostSubject: The garden~ ( Open to anyone! )   The garden~ ( Open to anyone! ) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 5:11 pm

Finally, some peace. Roderich thought happily, shutting the iron gate that led to his Oma's garden sanctuary as he headed towards the fountain in the center. It was the one place he knew no one would ever disturb him, well, at least the one place his grandfather wouldn't disturb him. Adolf never ventured in this particular garden, it had strictly belonged to his grandmother. It had been a place were she could come and host tea parties for the noblemans wives, to enjoy the flowers that only grew on the isle of Austria and it had served as a tristing place for the Edelstein's....

Oh Gott, don't think of that! He shuddered, suddenly feeling sick from the the unpleasent image of his grandparents having affairs in this place. That was not a pretty picture!

Shaking his head, clearing the nasty images away, he proceded to the small stone bench that stood in front of the stone fountain. The fountain was made of white stone, with a maiden standing on a pedastal in the center of the structure. Water sprung from her head and hands, the hands were positioned above her head in a sort of dace position. When the sun hit the water springs just right it looked almost...magical. He smiled to himself, closing his eyes and basking in the serenity of this place.

Roderich had originaly come to this place to practice his ice molding techniques, he had wanted to try and mold some creatures he had read about in his adventure novels. But, there was no reason he couldn't relax a bit and soak in the peacful atmosphere was there?

His smile widening, he began to hum a piano tune while thinking up all the things he would mold into ice shapes. He didn't need to worry about someone in his family finding him, his father was busy and his grandfather was away. And unless someone, a royal-which he doubted- or another noble decided to walk the grounds and come into the secluded garden he didn't have much to worry about.


(( Okay, anyone can pretty much come and interupt him XD. I think I went into to much detail about the fountain...but I was listening to swan lake music and that image poped into my head :P. Okay, so anyone can jump in. And Roddy can do water tricks for someone or just chat. *Shrugs* Whatever the other person wants really, and if no one posts I...guess I'll keep posting until someone notices :I. ))
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The garden~ ( Open to anyone! )
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