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 Hasnonian Magic

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PostSubject: Hasnonian Magic   Hasnonian Magic Icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 10:32 pm


While it's not common to find people in the Kingdoms with control over certain elements, it's not exactly rare. Almost always the Royalty of a specific Kingdom will be able to control the power that is most common within that kingdom. For example, the Northern Kingdom Ruler will have powerful control over Snow and Ice. The commoners who have the ability wont have the same amount of power as the Royalty. More advanced Spells and Techniques will be harder for them. People migrate and interbreed, leading to people from other Kingdoms with power over an element that isn't from their Kingdom (for example, someone whose grandfather was from the Northern Kingdom might be able to control Snow, despite living in the Kingdom of the Sun, that is, if they possess the ability). That being said, the powers are limited. No one can control weather or natural disasters. Royalty of the Kingdom of the Moon might be able to cause a forceful wave, but not a tsunami; Royalty of the Northern Kingdom cannot cause a blizzard, etc. Usually, the most Commoners can do is control small amounts at one time. Royalty, who are more powerful, can handle more, but need training to do so. Often, during adolescent years, it might be more difficult for someone to control their element, simply because their hormones are haywire. That is most likely the only time one will be more powerful than usual.


Snow and Ice: Northern Kingdom
Water: The Kingdom of the Moon
Fire: The Kingdom of the Sun
Air: The Kingdom of the Heavens
Earth: The Southern Kingdom
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Hasnonian Magic
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