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 In Which We Should Be Doing Work ( Ivan and Arthur )

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Иван Брагинский

Иван Брагинский

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In Which We Should Be Doing Work ( Ivan and Arthur ) Empty
PostSubject: In Which We Should Be Doing Work ( Ivan and Arthur )   In Which We Should Be Doing Work ( Ivan and Arthur ) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 12:59 am

He was early, mainly because he deemed that the appointment he had before this was no interesting or helpful and took his fine royal ass out of such a situation, and then just sat there in some sort of meeting room in the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Moon in the Northern Kingdom. Ivan knew he was there to talk about trade with a prince or someone along those lines, but hoped that they would not be a prick and he could at least make a friend... besides, there was nothing wrong with getting on good terms with the peoples of other kingdoms... something that he needed to do more often.

Luckily, his advisors would not be there during that meeting and he was free to speak as he pleased. They were rather bothersome to have around when he wanted to socialize, they were like what people said women acted like, constantly fixing his robes or correcting him. He would much rather be around a bunch of older women that simply accepted that people just wouldn't always do exactly what you want no matter how nice it would be.

Then was a good example, he was sitting there, eyes locked on the door, fingers tracing the edge of the table as he willed someone to walk though as to not leave him sitting in there alone, well, there was a servant or two, but they seemed far too nervous to say a word and that was just no fun at all. As he sat there, he heaved a sigh, wondering for a few moments just what his cat was doing that that time. He did adore her so, and would really like to be around her more often, but recalled being scolded for getting someone’s face scratched a few months prior. Maybe she wasn’t the best thing to bring along, but she sure was nice to use as a pillow every once in a while… When she was in a good mood…
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In Which We Should Be Doing Work ( Ivan and Arthur )
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