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 [Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind

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Tan Mei Hua

Tan Mei Hua

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[Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind Empty
PostSubject: [Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind   [Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind Icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2012 11:38 pm

It was a rather sunny morning, considering the change of seasons. The morning fell under a normal schedule, where Mei Hua attended breakfast with the rest of the royal family. The meal itself was wonderful but the conversation... she could do without. The subject of who would attend what ceremonies was often a touchy subject for most people, mainly the women. And of course, Mei Hua didn’t expect her name to be on the list of those who get to attend the Lily Baptism, where the newest concubine would be welcomed to the palace. It wasn’t as if she felt threatened by this newer concubine -- as Mei Hua’s siblings teased -- but it would be vexing and concerning to have a younger girl staying with them. How did the Emperor even find her?

“--and Mei Hua, will you please get the robes we ordered?”

Mei Hua looked up quickly, letting out a sigh. “Yes,” she answered with a slight bow.


The town was lively, as always. The upper-middle class were often the ones wandering about at this time of day, given that it was the town’s trade hour, where everyone gathered at the ports in order to exchange goods. As much as she would enjoy to look around the to visit the merchant’s vendors, she knew that she had a task to attend to and that she shouldn’t dawdle. By the time she reached the tailor shop, Mei Hua saw a variety of accessories and trinkets that she would love to have. But now wasn’t the time to think of such trivial things.

“Good morning, Mr. Kwong,” she called as she entered the shop, pulling her hood down. She always hated the blasted thing. Not only was it rather heavy, but restricting in movement. But it was required for most royals as a motive for protection.

“Ah, good morning! It’s a pleasure to see you this fine morning,” Mr. Kwong said.

The Taiwanese girl gave him a gentle smile as she walked up towards the counter, accidentally bumping into someone.

"E - Excuse me!" she shouted hastily as she gathered herself and bowed her head in a rather messy manner.

(( OOC: Sorry for a rather short and crappy intro. PM me if you want to change it~ ))
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Sakura Honda

Sakura Honda

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[Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind   [Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind Icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 5:37 pm

Sakura loved buying new robes. Seeing the new intricate patterns that they'd come up with, cherry blossoms made of the finest silk. To her, they were works of art that she could wear, especially when the fabrics were fine and comfortable, Though it did irk her to know that her movement was so restriced. She was lucky enough to be in Bejing, where upon was the finest tailor of kimonos and all other kinds of high class dress that was loved by the kingdom of the heavens.

She walked in, with the desire to, at the very least, see some of the sample fabrics. Maybe perhaps she could buy a new kimono as well. Her favourite one, the light blue one with crysanthremums, had blood over it, and blood never came out, not properly. She ordered her guard to wait for her outside the shop, going in and greeting politely but coldly the proprietor, "Kwong-san," And inclined her head in a small bow. He bowed instantly, a little nervous. She was well known around the shop keepers as being the daughter of the Honda Clan, though obviously, it was not proven, it was all word of mouth. "Show me what new fabrics you have in." She said.

He nodded and brought her to a case, where the fabric sambles were kept. She looked at them through the glass, admiring the beautiful new patterns that they had come up with. They seemed to get just more intricate. She opened the case to admire a particular one, and perhaps order a kimono, try on a few styles.

Suddenly, someone knocked in to her side when she was very much not expecting it, meaning she carrened off in to the cabinet she was looking at. Luckily, she was light on her feet and had quick reflexes, so she didn't topple the whole cabinet, but she did get her stomach jabbed in to the display cabinet. She whipped around quickly, to see who had bumped in to her. There was a woman around her age, maybe a little younger, standing there, bowing.

For a split second, Sakura surveyed her. She was neat and had fine clothes, so she was more likely a nobleman than a servant. He saw the royal insignia around her neck, and she wore the same clothes as the consorts to the king were given. She could bow, apologise, and never speak to the woman agan. Or, hmm, yes, she could make friends. Having a way in to the palace, an in with the emperor might be useful. She wouldn't have to go as Honda, princess of the yakuza. No, just an innocent noble woman.

"Ah!" She said, though her stomach didn't really hurt, putting a hand on it. "I-I am sorry, miss." She bowed low, tears in the corners of her eyes, "You're okay, aren't you?"

(( Same, sorry it sucks |D ))
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[Mei Hua | Sakura] These Threads That Bind
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