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 Hasnonian History

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PostSubject: Hasnonian History   Hasnonian History Icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 9:35 pm


Many, many, many, many long years ago there lived five tribes of people: those in the North, those in the South, those who worshiped the Sun, those who worshiped the Moon, and those who worshiped the Stars and the Heavens. The Northern people developed an acute knowledge of the snow and ice, and the most knowledgeable of them learned how to control such elements with their minds. Much was the same with the Southern People, though their knowledge was of the earth. Those who worshiped with Moon were blessed with the power to control the water, much as the Moon does. Very few in the Sun Kingdom learned to control fire and harness its power. In the Kingdom of the Heavens, the special were blessed with the power of bending the air to their will. Those with the most powerful of these magics came to power as the Rulers of the lands. But, as time passed, the tribes grew in numbers until they were far too big for one small area to support. Gradually, the different tribes broke off and settled in different parts of the lands, with many different rulers.

A time of troubles came about, with infighting between tribes as well as wars between regions. Famine, Petulance, and harsh global changes affected the people of Hasnonia as well. Though there were times of peace, none of the tribes could seem to unite again. Rumors spread throughout all five kingdoms of the most powerful of each coming together to bring about a time of peace. However, centuries passed and the rumor died out.

Gradually, the tribes of the Heavens started to come together. The receded back to their isolated lands, though a few chose to stay with other tribes. One particularly powerful man was said to have dreamed of the Stars and of the Heavens and declared himself ruler, though there was much speculation over whether or not his dream was a lie. The first Kingdom had been formed.

The Kingdom of the Heavens became fully isolated and the next Kingdom to form was the Kingdom of the Sun, then of the Moon, the North, and finally the South. As the most recent, the Southern Kingdom still has some tribes about it.

A few years after the uniting of all five Kingdoms, it became difficult to tell who was really of a certain Kingdom. Histories were read and re-read until it was determined that magical ability could trace a person's bloodline. However, it had been many centuries, possibly millenniums, since the magical abilities had first come about and most of the magic within the people was weak. However, there were very few who possessed powers strong than normal. They were the descendants of those who united the kingdoms; they were considered pure of magical blood. They became Royalty: Kings, Princes, Lords, Barons, and so on.

With an actual form of government in place, the Kingdoms began to flourish and prosper. Wars took place, as did disputes over land. Eventually, though, wars were won and the Kingdoms developed diplomatic relationships, realizing they had more to gain through trade than through war. The time of Peace was upon them once more.

In present time, the Hasnonian time period is extremely similar to our Renaissance period, especially in fashion and formality.
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Hasnonian History
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