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 Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application

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Ngapoi Anil

Ngapoi Anil

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Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application Empty
PostSubject: Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application   Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application Icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2012 1:16 am

Ngapoi Anil

Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application Tumblr_lv79xpsd7f1qgc4tzo1_500

Name: Ngapoi Anil (Family name, Personal name)
Age: 36
Kingdom of Origin: Kingdom of the Heavens
Territory within the Kingdom: Tibet
Rank: Servant
Court Diviner (Being Court Diviner does not mean that Anil has any special powers that grant him this position. Though it is rumored that he is able to predict to some extent of what is to come, he is simply one of the people that the Emperor turns to for advice, or to ask if the gods approve of his rule. Basically, he is paid to agree with the Emperor's decisions, though he doesn't necessarily do his job well.)
Control of an element?: None.
Anil appears to be a picture of calm serenity, as a mild smile is always seen on his face. He doesn't care much for his appearance and prefers simplicity over court fashions, and sometimes, even his own comfort. His black hair is cut close to his head, to the point where he almost looks bald. Since he cuts it himself, and truthfully, his hand isn't very steady, some patches of hair look darker than others, which is something that is fairly eye-catching. However, the alternative would be much more unprepossessing. His hair is naturally unkempt, and lately, he has been losing some of it due to the stress of living in the palace. From lengthy days spent out in the sun tending fields in his hometown, his skin is a leathery brown color, with wrinkles on his forehead from squinting too much, and wrinkles at the corners of his mouth from smiling too much.

Because he spends most of his time sitting in deep thought, he doesn't give off the air of a very strong man. It is somewhat true that he is not strong, as what muscles he developed from his farming days have atrophied. Anil is not very tall either, standing at a humble height of 5'4. He can mostly be seen wearing worn-out gold and dark red robes, which leave one arm bare, for casual occasions. He often stores items in the sash he wears over the robes. He would much rather go barefoot in the palace. However, for days when he is meant to stand by the Emperor, he opts for a more ceremonial form of dress, and even puts on those uncomfortable bamboo sandals, for fear of offending the Emperor.

Without his shaved head and his hand-made robes, he looks more like a farmer than he does a monk. His square hands are callused and rough, though now, wooden prayer beads adorn his wrist, and the calluses are starting to fade. His facial features aren't very distinctive, and he is by no standards good-looking. His double-lidded dark brown eyes never look very alert. He does, however, have quite a good poker face, and is able to hide almost any emotion he doesn't wish to display, especially resentment, whether it be directed towards the Emperor or any of the condescending members of the aristocracy.

Despite his age, he is still clean-shaven, though lately, he has been contemplating letting his facial hair grow out since having a beard would make him look older, and would command more respect among court.

Looking at Anil now, one might not believe that in the past, he had a very explosive temper. He looks to be a very serene man, never annoyed, and never angry. Every action of his is taken with an air of humbleness. He walks at a lax pace, and his voice rarely takes on a stern quality. The teachings of the religion he follows have helped to control his temperament, though once in a while, he breaks some of the minor customs to avoid punishment from the Emperor, believing that protecting oneself holds more importance than following insignificant traditions.

He has a very gullible nature, and tries to believe that everyone has the best intentions, which is why he is easily swayed into thinking another way. As a result, he gets confused very quickly when more than two people are talking to him. The many conflicting opinions are hard for him to keep track of, so he keeps quiet and just listens, making sense of each thought.

Though he may look like a wise man, he can be clumsy around people when he does talk. He has led a solitary life, and he is well aware that the way he speaks isn't too sophisticated. He finds himself stumbling over his words as he talks in broken sentences, which makes him sound incredibly stupid. However, his lack of sophistication doesn't mean lack of aptitude.

He deeply fears offending people that he respects, such as the head monk of the temple he studied at. To his best ability, he will try to appease those around him, and he will try to settle arguments so they don't end up in violence.

The temple's teachings define his everyday life, but he understands life beyond those teachings, for he's lived life among both the lower and upper class of society. His goal is to persuade each side to understand the other.

➤ Tranquility: He keeps calm in the most stressful of situations, but the stress isn't lost on him. It affects him in other ways, such as his premature balding.
➤ Empathy: Before he judges others badly, he tries to befriend them first.
➤ Good With His Hands: He knows how to do menial labor, and he knows how to care for fields. It is what he did for much of his life, after all.

...And Weaknesses
➤ Slow Thinking: It looks as if he takes a long time to process things, but it's only because language isn't fluid in his head. When people speak, their words don't automatically turn into meaning to him.
➤ Gullible: Tell him that the sun revolves around the moon and give him some arbitrary explanation why, and he'll believe you.
➤ Naivete: He believes that everyone has good intentions, but that they only have lapses in judgment when they do do something that suggests otherwise.

➤ Living Creatures: Whether it be the most gruesome insect with a million legs and a billion eyes or the most innocent-looking doe, he is fascinated by everything that moves. He can spend a whole evening just watching flies in his room, and he'll mourn whenever he sees someone killing an animal.
➤ Meditation: It is one of the ways he deals with his stress. He simply sits down in a quiet place, closes his eyes, and clears his mind.
➤ Gardening: He can't seem to let go of his farming life just yet. In his room, he grows vegetables in pots, though the custom is to keep decorational plants.
➤ Music: Though it has only been recently that he's been introduced to music, he loves stopping and listening whenever he hears any in the palace.
➤ Listening: Anil doesn't talk much, and it's hard for him to keep track of difficult words, but for some reason, he finds it pleasant whenever someone talks to him and he tries to keep up.

➤ Disrespect: The way Anil was raised taught him that respect is a very important thing in society. He was taught that the old deserve respect, for they have lived a long time and thus, are very wise, and he was taught that respect is not a privilege. Whenever he sees someone violating these silent rules, he tries to correct it.
➤ Romance: He is not a romantic, not at all. He commits himself to the celibate life of a monk.
➤ Apathy: He feels uneasy when members of the upper class don't account for the lower class.

➤ Helplessness: He's scared that someday he'll die without having done what he set out to do.
➤ Offending Others: This keeps him from saying what is truly on his mind, and weighs down his tongue.

When he is idle, he sometimes feels the top of his head to see if his hair loss has grown.
He plays with his prayer beads, as if he's really praying, when he feels agitated.

He was born in the mountainous regions of Tibet to a farming family. Every year, he would go with his family down into town to sell what crops their fields managed to yield. What he saw in town fascinated him greatly compared to the small broken down farm that he spent most of the year in. It invoked in him a sense of adventure, and he constantly complained to his parents about letting him go travel by himself. However, they couldn't let him because he was their only child, and if he went, there would be no one to inherit the farm. He would frequently lose his temper in frustration and sometimes, he'd get so angry he would start breaking the furniture.

There was a nearby temple. Whenever Anil's temper became unmanageable, his father would sling him over his shoulder and carry him to the head monk who somehow managed to calm him down each time. The truth was that Anil had been forced to do most of the chores that the monks of the temple usually did, so by the time his father came back to get him, he was extremely grateful to get away. As time passed, he became less precocious and started going to the temple by himself to converse with the head monk.

The head monk took him in at age twenty-one when both of his parents passed away from malnutrition, and he himself almost joined them.

He would have peacefully spent the rest of his life there, but the head monk asked him to spread their teachings to the rest of the kingdom by becoming one of the Court Diviners. Anil couldn't help but feel the irony; he had gotten his wish to travel at the age where the desire to do it had faded away.

RP Sample
He took a step, and then another. The hard soles on his sandals echoed through the hall with a dull thud as he took each step. He couldn't help but miss the soundless motions of his bare feet. He missed the feel of the cold floor, missed the easy-to-move-in robes that he usually wore. The ceremonial one that now adorned him, for that was the only way to describe how it draped over him with its bright decorational colors and stitchings, weighed him down greatly, making each of his already slow movements even slower.

But it was all for a good cause. After all, that day, the Emperor had requested a meeting in which all of the Court Diviners were to participate. Anil wore a small ironic smile because the Emperor's requests were never just requests. There was so much power in the place of one man's hand.

As he neared the conference room, he slowed down before he entered, wondering if he'd be able to influence any decisions today. Usually the other Court Diviners talked too fast for him to keep track of them. When he asked them to repeat, they would laugh and repeat themselves just as fast as they had before. Since it would be rude to ask again, he simply kept quiet, though he was a bit unnerved. He simply told himself that they were unaware that their speech was too fast for him, and that was that.

With a small sigh, he entered the room, sutras and chants repeating in his mind.

Name: Ka-UHHH You fair people may call me Pie. Pie Douglas if you're feeling formal. Or Douglas if you wish for some normality.
Age: 16
Anything else: I like fruits. AGHH HEALTHINESS.
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Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application   Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application Icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2012 1:36 am

Your app cannot be faulted on anything! Not many people RP Tibet but I think you'll set the bar high. Welcome to the site, you're accepted! Feel free to post about and change your name!
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Anil Ngapoi (Tibet) Application
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