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 Tan Mei Hua || Taiwan's App [Finished~]

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Tan Mei Hua

Tan Mei Hua

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PostSubject: Tan Mei Hua || Taiwan's App [Finished~]   Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:21 am

Tan Mei Hua ; 譚 美花

Name: Tan Mei Hua
Age: 17
Kingdom of Origin: Kingdom of the Heavens
Territory within the Kingdom: Taiwan
Rank: Viscountess
Profession: Royal Concubine / Emperor's Second Wife
Control of an element?: N/A

With a slender frame and a rather short stature, Mei Hua is the image of femininity and youth. Everything about this particular teen, from the way her chestnut bangs frame her face to the way her clothes fall naturally on her body, is delicate. Her pale skin is a graceful contrast to her dark hair, her rosy cheeks being a intriguing in-between pigment. Her face is rounded much like a child's, making her seem younger than her actual age at times. For casual wear, she usually has a simple rose and white robes that reach down her calves so that not only is her elegance retained, but her movement is not restricted.

Whenever she is presented in front of the Royal Family, she wears clothes made from the finest silk, robes decorated with intricate designs. Her long locks are usually adorned with flowers and tied behind her so that others will see her make-up clad face.

Although she displays a cheerful disposition, Mei Hua is notorious for worrying about others and over-thinking situations. She cares for others to the point where she would give up herself, if it ever came to that. However, if a friend's problem is simple in her mind, she will nag her friend to fix it and give the best advice possible. On that note, when she is around more familiar people, Mei Hua drops most formalities and is her real self.

On the other hand, whenever she is around royals and other nobles, Mei Hua does her best to be engaged in political conversations by listening, taking general notes and trying to refraining from speaking out, as it is frown upon for women to voice their opinions. However, this causes her to hate the other nobles, especially the Elders, who believe in keeping tradition. On that note, it's safe to assume that Mei Hua believes that certain rules and regulations should be changed to give everyone, woman and man, rich and poor, an equal chance to prosper.

Thanks to all the training she was given at a young age, Mei Hua is fairly mature and knows how to behave in certain situations. When it comes to giving advice, she tries to be thoughtful in crafting her ideas to solve problems.
Although she hates to admit it, she loves to take care of others. To her, it's almost second-nature to make sure that the people she cares about are alright mentally/physically/emotionally etc.
Unlike her younger sisters -- or any other woman in the palace -- Mei Hua is educated in terms of literature, history and politics.

Very Opinionated:
Although she is caring towards familiar people and tries to help them through their difficulties, Mei Hua isn't afraid to speak out her mind, even if her opinions seem rude to others. She's stubborn about her opinions and doesn't want to hear another person's, believing that her own thoughts would change.
Puts Everyone Else Over Herself:
Since her loved ones are the most cherished, Mei Hua doesn't find the time to take care of herself. Most wouldn't view that as much of a problem, since she has assigned maids, but unlike those of lower-ranking, Mei Hua doesn't really know how to take care of herself.

✔ Painting / Caligraphy
✔ Sweet dishes
✔ Reading

✖ Being called “incompetent”
✖ Being left out of important affairs
✖ Not being shown respect

– Secrets
– Being kicked out of the palace

> Adjusting her hair when reflecting over things
> Rearranging tableware during mealtimes

Mei Hua came from a high-ranking bloodline of which all members are to entertain the royal family. As she was one of the eldest girls, Mei Hua was given the opportunity to serve the ruler of the Emperor of Taiwan's concubine. At first, she was highly opposed to this idea, as if frightened her (and any other seven-year-old) and she wanted very much to escape the country as fast as possible. However, her family made it clear that this was her destiny, and that if she didn't accept it, she would be tossed aside and be forced to work as maid. Seeing both options as horrible outcomes, Mei Hua decided to follow this so-called destiny for herself and abides to her family's wishes. From then on, she was trained for five years on palace grounds to be lady-like and delicate. Other than those attributes, Mei Hua was taught how to read, as well as play instruments so that she could entice the Emperor.

As a member of a noble family and as the Emperor's concubine/second wife, the teenager could stay within the palace and live out her desires freely as long as she reports to the Emperor several times a week. Starting from the tender age of twelve, Mei Hua's visits were fairly innocent — she and the Emperor would spend their time drinking tea and eating light snacks while discussing various things. However, once she turned fifteen, the Emperor began to ask her for sexual favors, each more lustful than the last until she finally handed her virginity to him. Since then, Mei Hua has been visiting the Emperor in his chambers, fulfilling her family's wishes.

Over the years, she began to wonder if there was more to her life than serving as a secondary wife to the Emperor. As a concubine, there was nothing to do other than wait to be summoned into the Emperor's chambers, although most people would consider her very lucky to be born in such a position. Whenever she could, Mei Hua would sneak into the library to read ancient poems and essays in order to better herself, since it was the only real way she could...

RP Sample:


If it weren't for the palace maids pounding on the door, Mei Hua wouldn't have woken up from such a lovely dream. Her dreams had been more extravagant lately, however, this past dream was the most intriguing and detailed. The night air held a sweet, summer fragrance as the moon illuminated the sky. There she stood, in the palace garden, playing her flute as the peach blossoms bloomed in the trees. It was then that a blue bird perched itself next to her, looking at her curiously. The girl placed the flute down next to her feet and tried to reach for the bird. However, it burst by her touch, turning into a swirl of feathers before drifting off. Although all traces of the bird was gone, she could still hear its frightened call in the distance.

By the time she woke, Mei Hua was in tears, unable to control the emotional fountain welling up inside of her. Once she settled down, she changed into her formal wear, as there would be a meeting within the hour for the nobles and royals to discuss the status of their nation, Taiwan. However, since she was a woman of all things, it wouldn't matter to the rest of the members if she was a few minutes late. So why not take her time?

That's the last time I'll stay up late, she thought as she sat down at her dresser, opening up her box of make-up. It didn't matter if the other members considered her as nothing; she wanted to prove them wrong. She picked up white powder, smearing it under her eyes. The previous night wasn't as rigorous as it could have been, but Mei Hua's eyes were still aching from going over bulks of text after text, quenching her curiosity of her nation's history. She applied the rest of her make-up hoping that it would be enough to cover up her exhaustion.

When she was done, she looked at every detail of her face. She didn't want to bother with decorating her hair, feeling that how she looked was enough. Besides, it wasn't as if she was trying to impress someone. She would often find her younger siblings dressing up to impress the Emperor, which she thought was cute. But as far as she was concerned, Mei Hua already felt as if she was one of the Emperor's favorite.“This is as good as it's going to get . . .” she sighed, waiting for the maids to escort her to the meeting.


Name: Nana
Age: 17
Timezone: Pacific Timezone
Anything else: Baklava is delicious.
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Arthur Kirkland
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PostSubject: Re: Tan Mei Hua || Taiwan's App [Finished~]   Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:36 pm

Looks fabulous! Ack, a concubine at age seven? Poor thing!
You are accepted! Welcome to the site! Feel free to post an introduction!
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Tan Mei Hua || Taiwan's App [Finished~]
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