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 The Post Your Post Could Look Like

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Arthur Kirkland
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Arthur Kirkland

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The Post Your Post Could Look Like Empty
PostSubject: The Post Your Post Could Look Like   The Post Your Post Could Look Like Icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 9:05 pm

Hello members.
Look at your post.
Now back at mine.
Now back at your post,
Now back at mine.
Sadly, it isn't mine. But if you took a moment to read this post you could model it like mine.
Look down, back up!
Where are you?
You're on Hasnonia, in the Introductions forum, reading my intro.
What's there? Back at me!
What's in this post? It's my name (Maddie) and a few words to say hello!
Look again, the words are now P U R P L E.
Anything is possible when your post is modeled after Old Spice and not Speed Stick.
I'm on a horse.

*scampers off*
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The Post Your Post Could Look Like
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