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PostSubject: Rulebook   Rulebook Icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 8:15 pm


We know that rules on forums tend to be a bit boring and repetitive, but please read these over. They are for your own information, and following them will keep you out of trouble. Also, there is some valuable information here.

General Site Rules

01. We allow both original characters and genderbent versions of characters on this site. If applying as a character fitting into one of these categories, please keep in mind that your application will be examined more closely to help avoid Mary Sues and Gary Stus from being on the site.

02. All members must wait until they have at least 30 in character posts to reserve and apply for a second character. For a third they must have at least 60 posts with one character and 30 with another. Any more than that and please contact an admin.

03. The rulers of the kingdoms are very important to the story line, and have already been pre-determined by the administrators. Please follow them, and do not argue about the choices made. If you have any questions on where your character is placed, just ask!

04. Respect is a key part of everything, even online! Please treat the staff and other members with respect at all times. Sure, your characters can have hard feelings towards one another, but let's keep personal problems off the forum. It makes everyone uncomfortable. This means no player drama please!

05. This goes along with the same idea as above, but no bullying. If you are ever bullied by a member, please report it and an admin will speak with the offender. We don't like that here!

06. No members are allowed to godmod. You can only control your character and NPCs in your threads. If you want to control everyone, maybe fanfiction is better suited to your tastes than roleplaying.

07. This is a literate roleplay, meaning you have to type in paragraph form. No *action*, -action-, etc. That is for playing around in the general discussion maybe, but not in the roleplay section. Posts should be about 2 paragraphs in length. To me, one paragraph is 5 to 7 sentences minumum.

08. If you need to address a player out of character in a post, please make sure you let us know it is indeed out of character. This is done by posting in (( )), [[ ]], etc. It helps avoid confusion.

09. Activity is what keeps us alive, please be active! Trust me, I know that you all have lives outside the computer screen. Please still try to post at least once a week and keep up with threads so we can be active. When leaving for long periods of time, please post in the hiatus board so we don't worry. There will be activity checks.

10. Characters are not allowed to die or be killed. They can be horribly maimed or have bad luck, but no character deaths. You can't really play if you kill yourself off, right? Same goes for killing other players, we don't want that.

11. No pregnancies please. This is may be, so especially no m-preg. Seems odd to address but I always see people try this!

12. Anything mature should be rated with an [M] in the title of the thread. This is for gore, sexual situations, etc. Please though, regarding sex scenes, those are not allowed. You will be a warning if you do that in a thread. Bring it to private messages please. You can touch and kiss in threads but not...oh, you kids know how that works.

13. Work in progress applications are allowed to be posted in the appropriate sections.

14. Reading the rules is actually a rule before posting your application. If you read all this, please write your favorite dessert in the place provided on the application. I like dessert a lot!

15. When first joining the site, please don't join with the name of the character you're applying for! If you're not accepted it causes lots of trouble.

16. Now the most important rule...enjoy yourself! That is why you are here, right?

Chatbox Rules

01. Chatbox roleplay is not forum canon. Sure you can use it for ideas, but it isn't canon until it happens in an actual forum post. This causes way too much confusion for other members.

02. No impersonating other characters. It makes the real player of the character feel awkward and it is rather strange.

03. Nothing explicit in the chatbox please. It doesn't make everyone comfortable, and is generally not appropriate.

04. If there are people roleplaying in there, please use out of character talk in (( )), [[ ]], etc. to avoid confusion.

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