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 Sweden App [Complete]

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Former Sweden

Former Sweden

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PostSubject: Sweden App [Complete]   Sweden App [Complete] Icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 8:25 am

Berwald Oxenstierna:
Sweden App [Complete] SwedeninSnow

Berwald Oxenstierna


Kingdom of Origin:
The Northern Kingdom

Territory within the Kingdom:

Middle class


Control of an element?:
Mild control of snow



Berwald is a giant of a man, with large, firm muscles and standing at 6 feet tall. With his physique alone, he looks intimidating, but with the addition of the scowl always present on his face, he can be downright terrifying. Berwald's eyesight is terrible without his glasses and before he had them he would always need to squint to see at all, which is a habit he never dropped. On top of his head is a mop of messy white-blond hair which, no matter how often he combs it, would never lie flat. His skin, to match his hair, is very pale. His mouth is thin, pale and chapped from the cold, and his nose and cheeks are pink. His eyes are the most stunning features on his face, a piercing crystal blue. However, when turned on you in a glare, they are so (unintentionally) cold and uninviting that it sends chills down most peoples' backs.

Berwald wears thick, black and dark blue clothing designed to be easy to move around in, keep him warm and keep him hidden in darkness at once- he wears a cloak most of the time to keep the wind off of him as well as to hide his weapons. He chooses not to wear a hat because it obscures his periferal vision. He doesn't have a large wardrobe, because he does not think appearances matter, clothes should be practical and not flashy.


Berwald is a naturally quiet person. He keeps his opinions, feelings and everything else he doesn't think is necessary to talk about to himself. He keeps what he does talk about serious and prefers not to have idle conversations. This is for a few reasons. First of all, whenever he talks to people, they seem to tremble and Berwald cuts the conversation. He isn't oblivious, he knows he can come off as intimidating at first, so he tries to make himself as approachable as he can, but it doesn't seem to work. The second reason is that he mumbles. He finds it impossible to speak clearly, and people can't understand him, so he doesn't see the point in trying. However, if you manage to engage him in intelligent conversation, you'll find that he can be quite eager and talkative.

Berwald, as his job requires, adapts and acts quickly in situations which call for it, but normally he takes time to think out his responces to things. If he is upset, though, he will naturally be irrational. He is rarely aggressive at all and tends to sulk quietly instead, which is a surprisingly common occurance, because Berwald tends to take things in the worst possible way. Berwald is a kind and gentle person who hates to see people in pain. However, this does not conflict with his job, Berwald knows when, and will not hesitate to attack someone who is a threat, especially when it comes to his loved ones, who he will go to any lengths to protect, and would do anything for.



+ Bravery. Berwald knows how to ignore his fear in dire situations.
+ Strong. His job requires him to be physically fit.
+ Difficult to fool. You aren't about to trick him, Berwald pays attention to his surroundings and the people in them.
+ Clever. Berwald is intelligent at the most important times.
+ Multilingual. As a guard, Berwald meets many people from many different places, and he needs to be able to communicate with them.
+ High tolorance to cold. He can handle standing in the same place for hours on end in the coldest of places, which is useful for a guard.
+ Quick thinking. He can't just watch in surprise as the person he was guarding gets sliced up, after all.
+ Speed. Berwald can run very fast, even in the harshest of conditions.


+ Overreacting. Berwald can panic and think the worst of situations involving his loved ones at times.
+ His eyesight. With his glasses, Berwald has sharp eyes which pick up the smallest things, but without them, he's near blind and has to rely on sound.
+ His weight. Berwald has quite a lot of muscle, which means quite a lot of weight. As they say, the bigger you are, the harder you fall, so Berwald needs to be quick on his feet during fights.
+ Social awkwardness.


+ Cooking. It's a relaxing change from his daily life.
+ Singing. You'll never catch him doing it, but he loves to when he's all alone.
+ Animals. Berwald loves every animal in existence, whether it's furry, feathery, big, small or otherwise, and he is happy to feed them and give them attention if they need it.
+ Cleaning. He likes to keep places clean and tidy and can't stand a mess.
+ Nature Walks. It's relaxing.
+ Friends. It's nice to have people who don't cower from you.
+ Furniture. When he has the time, he likes to craft chairs and such, but he doesn't often get time.


+ Untidiness. As previously stated, Berwald can't stand a mess.
+ Lies. He will tell them if it's for a good cause, but if there isn't a good reason, he hates them.
+ Seeing other people hurt. Including his enemies.
+ Sugar. He just doesn't have a sweet tooth.

Fears, quirks, ect:

+ Anything bad happening to those he loves. He's always worried.
+ Failing to do his job. Moreover, being slaughtered by somebody he was fighting (and failing the person he was guarding).
+ Nerves. When Berwald is nervous about something, he fiddles with whatever's closest. The hem of his sleeve, his sword handle, his belt and so on
+ Daydreaming. Berwald likes to think of living and working somewhere where it's warmer and friendlier.



Berwald was born in a small cottage on the edge of a Forest in Östersund, Sweden, in the very north of the Northern Kingdom, to a well-off middle aged couple. He was born with a problem with his speech, as his parents found out when he learnt to speak and the most he could do was mumble. This caused issues with his self-esteem and Berwald never managed to learn how to make friends properly. Instead, he focussed his attention on his education and spent most of his time learning. The other half of his time, Berwald spent learning how to weild an axe. His father was a woodsman who would cut down wood for logs and carpentry for the nearby town, and he expected Berwald to take over the job when he was old enough to do so.

When he was 17, he was fully capable and well practiced in chopping down trees and carrying the wood back and forth. He also started to learn how to make things with the wood, and he loved it. He taught himself how to make chairs, mostly, but also tables and doors and all sorts of things. He was also being taught to use what little control over snow he had, but was uninterested in any power and would rather spend his time learning more useful things. One day, he was out in the forest to collect more wood when he heard a yell. He followed it and found someone advancing on another person, weilding a knife. Berwald did the only thing that made sense to him and used the blunt side of his axe to hit the offender on the head with all his strength. He was knocked out, and the man Berwald was defending was saved.

It wasn't until later he found out that the person he'd protected was a well respected Lord. Berwald didn't know the whole story, just that he had saved a very important person. This Lord came to Berwald the next day and offered him a job as a guard- he would guard people and places in the royal kingdom. Berwald could not pass up an offer such as this, and with his father's permission, was taken to live and work to protect. He picked up his studies of Snow Control as well, should they come in handy, and can manage the most basic of controls.

RP Sample:

Berwald's arms were full of wood. He'd just collected a new bundle and was taking it back to his shed. The shed was his Father's, but Berwald had permission to use it, as his Father rarely went in there any more. Berwald set down the logs and divided them into separate piles for what their uses would be. Some would be put on the fire to keep the house warm, and others would be used in his current project. He was crafting a rocking chair, which he'd never done before, but was sure he could manage. He had a diagram of all the separate pieces to be made, and how they would be assembled, written clearly so that he could understand them easily in the future. Occasionally, it would cross his mind that he should build furniture and sell it to people- perhaps even start a shop! But he wouldn't make a very good salesman... So he would shake that silly idea out of his head.

Today he was making the curves at the bottom of the rocking chair. They didn't look hard, but they had to be identical and perfect for the chair not to be completely useless and lopsided. The long process began, and Berwald let himself be immersed in his work, not paying attention to the sun making its way slowly across the sky. His mother came in to give him some dinner which Berwald was thankful for; when he noticed, that was, hours after she'd given it to him. He ate it gratefully, not minding that it was cold. And then it was right back to work, and to let himself be absorbed in it.

It was after sunset by the time his father came in to break his concentration, holding a glass of warm milk. "Berwald, it's late, and you need your sleep."

"Hn." Berwald looked around and nodded, setting down his tools. He would have liked to protest, but his Father was right, and Berwald never went against his Father's word. He stretched and accepted the milk his Father offered him, and headed inside. His parents sure cared for him, Berwald was grateful for them.





GMT + 0

Anything else:
Vanilla yoghurt in a mayonnaise jar. Best eaten in public.

Let's see. The Biography was kind of rushed, I hope you don't mind, and the RP sample was a random snippet from a scene in the past, as I'm sure you guessed. Yeah!
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PostSubject: Re: Sweden App [Complete]   Sweden App [Complete] Icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 4:45 pm

Ack, I love it! His personality is spot on! Socially awkward Berwald just needs a hug <3
You are accepted! Welcome!
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Sweden App [Complete]
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