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 Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania

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Dumitru Vasilescu
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Dumitru Vasilescu

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PostSubject: Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania    Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania  Icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 3:37 am

Dumitru Vasilescu :
Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania  Tumblr_lucmvmKvPB1qmz591o1_500
Name: Dumitru Vasilescu
Age: 23
Kingdom of Origin: The Northern Kingdom
Territory within the Kingdom: Romanian Territory
Rank: Commoner
Profession: Fortune teller / whatever he can manage
Control of an element?: Snow and Ice

Taking into account the general appearance of his body, there isn't much out of the ordinary about Dumitru. He stands at around 174 cm tall, making him just about average compared to other males around his age. Though he may not have the ideal body of an athlete, he is far from weak in appearance. On his body there is some muscle, and he is actually decently strong from work. Though he would rather not fight, it does happen from time to time and he can certainly hold his own in a physical brawl. His skin is rather fair. It isn't that he doesn't go outside, it is just naturally light. Though they aren't noticeable until close up, he has a light patch of freckles across his nose.

Most of Dumitru's most defining characteristics lie above the shoulders. His hair is cut short, but not so short that it doesn't need to be managed. It is mostly straight, appearing a bit shaggy in some areas. This holds especially true to the areas of hair around his ears, and a few chunks in the back that don't like to stay put no matter how many times he pats them down. Most of his bangs are parted off to the left side of his head. His hair is an extremely light shade of brown, teetering on the edge of being dark blonde. Dumitru's eyes often catch the most attention of his features. They are an interesting shade of reddish brown that he rather likes himself since it isn't common. The other unique feature above the shoulders is often seen as very peculiar. For whatever reason, his two canine teeth are strangely sharp compared to most other people's. He has heard enough jokes about those to last himself a lifetime.

With clothes, he tends to have a more traditional and old fashioned sense of style. This isn't surprising, since he is very old fashioned at heart. He has a thing for old jewelry, even if he doesn't wear most of it. One of Dumitru's favorite accessories is a small hat. He has a large collection in many different colors. They are all unique to him. Some have ribbons, some have jewels, and others are just plain. Though he loves it and some might joke that it is permanently attached to his head, he doesn't really wear it all the time. In his left ear, he wears a small red earring. Even if his clothing may be out of the ordinary, he does take notice to his outward appearance and always tries to look well dressed in his own eyes even if he does have a rather eclectic sense of style.


One of the first words that people might use to describe Dumitru would probably be some variation of eccentric. He is a bit one of a kind. This trait is accentuated by the fact that he generally doesn’t care what other people’s opinions are of him. He often does silly things, just because he finds amusement in it. Many of the things he considers to be normal to him are actually just strange to others. One thing that he adores with a passion is something that makes him out of the ordinary right from the start. Dumitru holds a great love of magic. Good luck charms are also his specialty. He makes them himself and takes pride in them. Normally, at least one type of charm can be found in his pocket.

Dumitru tends to be very old fashioned in his way of thinking. He holds tradition close to his heart and values it dearly. This isn’t to say that he follows tradition always, but he keeps it in mind even when he decides to go against it. Some of the best people to learn about old tradition from are older people. He often remembers their words of wisdom. Though they might not always be necessarily correct, he likes them and that is what matters. He also tends to follow “granny’s wisdom” that he learns. Dumitru is horribly stubborn and persistent. This is both a blessing and curse. If he wants something done, he will make sure it happens to the best of his ability. Though this is true, he is the type of guy that tries very hard and doesn’t succeed often.

Overall he is friendly to other people. Generally speaking, he can be easy to get along with. He loves spending time with the people his is close to. If he is very close with a person, one might even consider him to be a bit possessive of the person. He will go all out for them if necessary. Dumitru is also very kind with guests, treating them like family. When he likes someone he is a great and loyal friend. In spite of all this, his definition of the word ‘friendly’ might stray from the common definition. He has a huge mischievous streak in him and is a rather big trickster. Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tricks and pranks on other people for his own amusement. Unfortunately for others, he tends to not think of how his tricks make the targets feel. His sense of humor is unique, sometimes even creepy. This doesn’t help his image as an oddball.

Contrary to everything above, there is also another rather dominant portion of his personality. Dumitru has a bad temper that shows itself often, since he is quite hot headed. He isn’t the type to hide his emotions for another person’s sake. For the most part he won’t refrain from voicing his thoughts, both the good and the bad. Though he is a very loud person, he is rather cold inside. This part of him also tends to surface often. The big picture is that he is very suspicious about other people and finds it very hard to trust them. To trust them with in life what varies from person to person. With some he may be unable to trust emotions, some personal things, and other subjects. He is always finding ulterior motives behind people’s actions, though they may not even be true. All of this holds especially true to people of high authority.

It comes as a surprise to some people, but Dumitru has a romantic side to him close to heart. He loves to read many different types of books, but a good section of his collection is dedicated to titles under the genre of romance. His other favorite that tends to tie in with romance novels are fairy tales. He has spent a great deal of time reading them, and finds it to be a fun hobby as well as an interesting one. Even more than fairy tales, he adores stories of folklore and mythology from all over the world. Since there are so many, it is really a bit of a never ending hobby to read about them. Though he is interested in as much folklore as he can read, Dumitru must admit that stories based close to home are much more appealing to him. Magical creatures also fascinate him greatly since he reads about them often in stories and magic. He enjoys all these things, but he doesn’t limit to learning about then from books. The truth is that he actually loves learning of them by word of mouth more than texts. Reading and listening to stories about all these subjects also leads him to be extremely superstitious. He is the type that will insist that people take three steps backwards after encountering a black cat, and things to this effect.

♥ Determination
♥ Physical Strength
♥ Eagerness to learn
♥ Loyalty
♥ Completes things he starts
♥ Hard working
♥ Playful
♥ Well mannered
♥ Hospitable
♥ Imagination

✖ Impulsive
✖ Stubborn
✖ Holds grudges easily
✖ Sometimes selfish
✖ Short-tempered
✖ Superstitious
✖ Possessive
✖ Easily Offended
✖ Impatient

♥ Reading
♥ Folklore
♥ Fortune telling
♥ Celebrations
♥ Magic / Occult
♥ Theater
♥ Fairy tales
♥ Gymnastics
♥ Writing
♥ Fires / being warm
♥ Folk music

✖ Losing
✖ Being disrespected
✖ Not having space to do as he wishes
✖ Critique
✖ Gypsies
✖ Being insulted / ridiculed
✖ Doctors
✖ Unfamiliar people
✖ Pointed objects

▼ Drowning
▼ Black cats
▼ Being completely controlled by someone else

★ He gets tangled up in or on things quite easily
★ Gets dead serious over issues of the past
★ He cuts his own hair which is why it is a bit off
★Thinking up odd greetings is one of his favorite things to do when greeting friends
★ His imagination is very vivid


Dumitru never had a particularly fancy or exciting life compared to the stories he always heard about everyone else's lives. Even from a young age, he would wish that he could wake up in his bed one morning and be in the shoes of someone else. It was a silly, and rather selfish wish, but he couldn't help that think the fancy clothes of the royalty would be better to put on in the morning than his own old clothes. Thinking of all their rich foods and fun parties verses his often lacking plate of food was enough to make him wish those things only more. Of course, his parents never took kindly to this when they provided the best that they could. When Dumitru was younger he never really understood why it was especially irritating, but in time he learned. Though his family was nothing above the status of a commoner, they were better off than some other people with the same title. The Vasilescus were far from wealthy, but they were able to have a better home than most. His father's magic ability gave them access to different housing.

His father's magic was always a source of great amusement, even at a young age. It was just so different from everything else around him. Whenever he had free time, Dumitru would make his father do silly little tricks for him. In general, he greatly admired his father and wanted to be like him as he got older. Though he loved his mother, like most normal children do, he was always more attached to his father. His father was a smart man, and for someone like Dumitru who was eager to learn, it was only natural that he learned much from his father. For quite a while it was just the three of them, but eventually his mother gave birth to another boy, giving Dumitru a younger brother. Give or take a few brotherly problems, from his perspective he was a pretty good brother.

Despite problems and complaints in their lives, they were a pretty happy family. Dumitru had a bad habit of causing trouble as he got older that he still hasn't shaken off to this day, but it was nothing horrible at the time that a good scolding couldn't temporarily fix. Like most people of their social class, they had to struggle to make ends meet. Things in the Vasilescu household went further downhill as time went on. When Dumitru himself was in his mid teenage years, his father passed away in an accident while working. With no one in their home able to produce magic anymore, the family of three was forced to move out of their current home, adding to the troubles. As the oldest male in the household, he had to try to do something to try to help out his mother and younger brother.

To try to accomplish this, he found himself taking up many strange jobs in order to make some sort of income. It was tough, and often tiring at times, but he was determined to not give up. Even if he was oftentimes miserable, at least he got things done and his family was happy. Looking back on the experiences today, the jobs did have an upside. They gave him the opportunity to get his hands into various occupations, even if it was only for a short period of time. He was very thankful to his father for teaching him facts on some subjects other boys his age, or even many adults, normally didn't know much about.

One thing that never passed, even after the passing of his father, was Dumitru's adoration of magic. The more he found out he was even more interested, but there was a problem. What he always wanted was to be just like him, but he feared that he would never have any grand awakening of his own magic. He learned that it didn't really matter in some sense. Sure he couldn't control any elements or anything, but he could still gain some extra money from various forms of fortune telling. Who said that it had to be completely real? Sure, there were people who doubted him, but he wasn't the type to care. Things took a change for the better in Dumitru's life when a few years after his father's death, his wish finally came true. He finally had the power over snow and ice like he always wanted. Not only was this a great feeling for himself personally, but it benefited his family. They were able to move back into the ice homes where they had originally started for the time being, and he finally believed things were looking up again. On top of this, being able to prove he had some sort of magic made his little side job more credible. It turned out over the years that he was just as good as his father with real magic.

As he got older, he was still doing the same old things, but with a bit of a different outlook on things. Since he was always so fixated on his own little things in life, he grew up to be a bit of a loner who preferred doing his own thing. This isn't to say that he never wants to interact with people, he is just a bit eccentric to most. No matter the hardships, Dumitru tried to put vent his feelings of depression in his interests. Today he still does odd jobs for money, but still does the job he finds most interesting.

RP Sample:
( Dominik = Dumitru = Romania! This is from Wiztalia. )

Throughout his entire life, Dominik found himself being attracted to things that people told him to stay away from. The reasons for this changed given the circumstances, but the basic principle was the same. Whether it be a teacher, authoritative figure, or even just his parents, it made him even more curious about what lied in spots he wasn't supposed to look. Coming to another country hadn't changed this obnoxious personality trait in Dominik. He was just as stubborn with the rule here as he was back home in Romania.

There were many places that has caught his attention around the school and its grounds. It was a large castle with large grounds, this was to be expected. In spite of all this, there was one place in particular that stuck out in his mind above the others. No matter how much he tried to forget it (which wasn't often, on purpose at least) the place would always weasel its way back into his thoughts since it was written about in so many books he read. The forest that he was told was forbidden right by the school. Supposedly there were so many creatures in there that he had always wanted to catch a glimpse of. The temptation to just run off and check was always present in his mind, but Dominik wasn't an idiot. He knew that if he did that he could get killed and no one would even knew what happened. He didn't rule out adventuring out there eventually, but it would require planning.

Despite the fact he knew he shouldn't go alone, it was hard to resist temptations. There was a rule that students weren't allowed to trespass into the forest, but there was a loophole here. There was really no rule stopping him from staying around the forest. When utterly bored out of his mind, Dominik would do just that. Today was one of those days. Unfortunately, the most he ever got from the forest this way was some small and incredibly boring creatures coming out. On occasion there was an unexplained noise, but it was rare.

Today turned out to be one of those rare occasions, but in a different sense from the normal. Dominik had been sitting near a tree that wasn't part of the forest, keeping an eye on it, but also finishing a pesky essay under the shade. That was when he heard something out of the ordinary coming from the forest -- a human scream. That was never a good sign, and given the circumstances of the place and his general mindset of jumping to the worse conclusion, it lead him to think something horrible and violent was happening to another student. It sounded close too. Abandoning his essay, figuring this was a great time with an excuse to go in there, he ran towards the forest and entered a little.

He didn't go too far in. At the same time, he was hidden from sight to anyone outside the forest. "Hello?" It was quiet and he wasn't speaking too loud since he had figured that the person in trouble would be close by. Odd. This all left him with a horribly unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Hello, is anyone here?" This time, he spoke a bit louder in hopes that whoever it was would actually answer his calls. If they didn't, he was about to leave the forest before whatever ate the student got to him.

Name: Caitlin...but you can just call me whatever you wish as long as it is pleasant.
Age: 21
Timezone: -5 GMT; Eastern Standard Time
Anything else: If I could marry strawberry shortcake, I would. Also, I am sorry if this completely sucks. I really am ahhh.
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Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania    Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2012 3:14 am

Finally! Your application looks lovely! Romania is as quirky as ever, I see. You, my dear, are accepted! You can quit your lurking now.
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Dumitru Vasilescu // Romania
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