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 Angelique Ramatoulaye {Seychelles}

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Angelique Ramatoulaye

Angelique Ramatoulaye

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Angelique Ramatoulaye {Seychelles} Empty
PostSubject: Angelique Ramatoulaye {Seychelles}   Angelique Ramatoulaye {Seychelles} Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 7:02 pm

Angelique Ramatoulaye

Angelique Ramatoulaye {Seychelles} Tumblr_lwe27o1wLW1qhnt58

Angelique Ramatoulaye


Kingdom of Origin
Later du Lalin
{Kingdom of the Moon}

Territory within the Kingdom
Republik du Seychelles
{The Seychelles Republic, or in this AU, an English territory. The French had control long before and for a much shorter time period than the English.}

{Countess; However, she is rarely seen at gatherings for the Nobility unless necessary. Despite her fine taste in cuisine and clothing, she prefers the life of the commoners; she finds them more trustworthy. As her father is a 'Duke', she could very well be a Duchess one day, were she to behave as he believes a young lady of noble blood should. }

Komésan navige
{Angelique spends a great deal of her time on the water, working alongside 'commoners'. As far as she is concerned, she is first and foremost, a sailor. She masquerades as a commoner herself quite often. She wishes to obtain her own ship; naturally, were she to use her title, she could have this immediately, but she refuses. She wishes to gain the respect of her fellow sailors and earn the title of Captain on her own.}

Control of an element
{Water, specifically warm salt waters. Her home is very close to the Kingdom of the Sun, after all. While she can still influence cold seawater, it is only with great resolve that she accomplishes much. These actions usually leave her exhausted.}

Angelique has relatively dark skin, best described as the shade of powdered cocoa. She does take pains to ensure it stays smooth; years of salt water tend to leave it dry and battered. She’s a bit vain about the condition of her skin and spends far longer on it than the does any other aspect of her visage. Her hair is very dark, predominately black, with very dark brown undertones. Reaching to about mid-back, her locks are very curly, falling in thin, tight ringlets, as one would expect for a woman of her 'ethnic background'. When on land, she may part her curls into 'pig-tails' with two brightly colored ribbons, or she may simply spend a bit more time brushing them into submission. When on the ocean, however, she may rearrange them into rows, braids, or a simple bun.

Her facial structure is fairly sharp, with high, defined cheekbones, a straight nose, and lips on the fuller side, with a defined Cupid's bow. Her eyes are curved in an exotic fashion, with long eyelashes and dark brown pupils that are nearly constantly dancing with laughter. She has very deep, defined dimples in each cheek, visible at nearly all times, regardless of her expression.

Her bone structure in regards to her body is relatively curvaceous, but more so on the bottom half. Despite her overall lithe figure, she has a well rounded pair of hips and thighs more on the muscular side than the slender one. She stands at about 160 centimetres or about five feet, two inches.While she in physical shape from years on deck, she still retains a hint of girlish softness that has not yet faded away. She generally keeps her fingernails short. In polite company, she may take more pains to her appearance, but when away from her peers and royals, she doesn’t bother.

As for her clothing, she does have taste, but taste does not necessarily equal money. While she is not by any means 'poor', she does not use her money on clothing. Thus, while her clothing is not extravagant, it is still selected with fine taste. She uses comfortable, light fabrics, like silk or silkweave. Her clothing generally involves a tunic and perhaps some form of tight-fitting pants, embroidered around the edges and often in whites, yellows, blues, etc.

When first meeting Angelique, one can expect an affectionate greeting and a warm, friendly smile. Angelique holds herself very confidently, nearly to the point of arrogance. One is often left with the impression that she is a very bold, empowered individual: perhaps a bit proud, but overall warm and welcoming. This impression is very nearly correct; she is very hospitable, as well as easygoing and generally very cheerful.

Angelique is very open woman, the sort of person that rarely meets a stranger. She could be described as a very jovial, sometimes boisterous young woman, with a tinkling laugh and great deal of mischief. She has a very good sense of humour, and loves to tease. In turn, she can handle joking jabs just as easily as she doles them out. She has a fondness for relaxing with alcohol and, when encountering traders, cannabis.

Despite this, Angelique has more than her fair share of sauciness- which is evident in nearly all of her interactions- regardless of her emotions towards whom she is speaking to at the time.
Angelique can also be thought of as feisty, at times. It takes a fair amount of provoking and insulting-particularly insults to her capabilities- but once the fire starts up, she’s incredibly difficult to put out. She very rarely runs from a fight, no matter how slim her chances of walking away from it may be. While not easily insulted, there is a limit to how long she will put up with rudeness. It’s certainly not in her nature to ignore backhanded comments, but rather to return them with a dry tone and sarcastic expression.

One of the more prominent aspects of her personality would be her deeply rooted beliefs on gender roles. She is feminist to a fault, sometimes presenting a sexist attitude towards men she deems to be rude or stupid. She fully expects all to accept her abilities, and is extremely put off when men doubt them. Of course, this can be blamed in part to the matriarchal society of the Seychelles, and in part to her sexist father.

She is very stubborn when it comes to many of her viewpoints. She is very passionate about her beliefs and lifestyle, and she refuses to compromise on either. It was this insolent streak that led her to leave the life of the Nobility in order to pursue her childhood dream on the sea. The same headstrong trait also comes in handy while working with the commoners; she commands respect.

Loyalty - While Angelique’s respect must be earned, once gained, she will support you no matter the cost.

Bravery - While not inherently violent, Angelique is extremely reluctant to run from a fight. She refuses to give in to something she doesn’t believe in, and she will fight to the end. Her bravery is somewhat fueled by her stubbornness and her pride.

Easygoing – While she certainly has a temper, it rarely surfaces. She’s usually very warm, laid back, and amiable.

Agility - She is fairly flexible and agile, her quick reflexes born from years on the ships.

Perseverance - Angelique refuses to use her nobility as an advantage in her quest to become a ship Captain. She works alongside her people to get what she wants.

Passion - When she loves, when she works, when she dreams, she does it all with a very intense passion. Of course, this sometimes works against her, namely in temper.

Sexism – Angelique has a preference - albeit a slight one- towards women when it comes to gender roles. She believes that women should run the household and take care of finances, while men should do whatever need be done to bring in extra money.

Stubbornness – Once Angelique makes her mind up about something, it is nearly impossible to change it.

Temper – Angelique could be compared to a tame lion; loyal, affectionate, even gentle, until the tail is pulled one too many times.

Pride – She holds her head high and refuses to give in to compromise if she disagrees. She could also be considered arrogant in her deeply rooted beliefs and self confidence.

Accent – She is fluent in English and French, but speaks the former with a relatively thick accent. There are certain words that she unconsciously replaces with Kreol counterparts, and she will often slip into Kreol when feeling any intense emotion.

Bluntness - While Angelique does have plenty of tact, she tends to take her comfort in certain subjects for granted; she will often speak about sexual topics with the same expression she would with, say, fishing.

Swimming - Angelique is a natural swimmer. She feels very much at home in the water, and she loves to swim with the animals that live around the shores of her Isles.

Dancing - She loves to dance, provided it is informal. She loathes ballroom dancing, though she doesn't mind watching others partake; she finds their grace to be beautiful in its own way.

Music - Angelique adores music, particularly upbeat reggaes and 'sega' music. She often plays the guitar at night, while sailing under the stars. She also loves to sing, under her breath, as loud as she can, sailing, fishing, whenever. She's got a fairly decent voice.

Speed - Angelique has a deep love for adrenaline. She loves to hang just off the bow of the ship, especially when the wind blows from aft.

Fishing - She enjoys fishing very much; it's soothing to her.

Sailing - Working alongside a tough, loyal crew, the wind in her hair, the salt splashing against her cheeks; there's nowhere she'd rather be.

Cooking - Though her food is generally very spicy, its rather good. She can be a bit..imaginative, though, and her experiments don't always work out. She cooks for the crew she's with, when she feels up to it.

Painting - While her paintings are not very realistic-she's more of an impressionist or Cubist than anything- she does love to record the places she sees on canvas.

Poetry - She loves English poetry in particular. It's a guilty pleasure of hers.

Animals - Angelique loves animals, particularly sea animals- the more 'dangerous', the better. She finds an eerie grace in their quick, lethal movements.

Children - She has a strong maternal instinct. She loves making children smile as well as teaching them the ways of the ocean.


Cowardice - Angelique has little time for those who are terrified to stand up for themselves.

Disrespect - Angelique can certainly handle jokes, but if she is being outright insulted, she will rise to the bait.

Misogyny - She firmly believes that women are equal, or, in some cases, above men.

Laziness - 'The end crowns the work'; she cannot stand to see someone complaining about their situation without making a move to fix it.

Cold - Angelique is not one for cold weather. She'll do her best to suffer through, but she'll certainly be complaining under her breath.

Deserts - Naturally, as both a sailor and a manipulator of water, they disturb her.


Abandonment – Angelique is not the sort of person that benefits from isolation. Like anyone else, she does have her periods of ‘alone time’, but overall spends the majority of her time with other people. She’s also very attached to those she loves, and is terrified at the prospect of losing them.

Ice – Perhaps an irrational fear, but Angelique is extremely uncomfortable around large amounts of ice and snow, ie, the Poles. She tells herself that it is merely frozen water, but as a woman of the tropics, it always unsettles her. She doesn’t like feeling weak, and the cold tends to sap her strength.


She doesn't mind spiders; oftentimes, she'll leave them to build webs in the corners. She likes the way the sea spray catches on the fine threads, and she prefers them to flies, anyway.

She wears an ivory pendant in the shape of a Tibetan praying bead, hung from a strip of leather cording round her neck at all times.

She's very superstitious; she believes in 'dark spirits' as well as 'good spirits'. She often carries around hoodoo bags of dried herbs for good luck. She's also prone to throwing a few grains salt over her left shoulder upon spilling it, and other similar gestures.

She has a fondness for fine wines. She's rather picky about her wine, actually.


Angelique was born on the twenty-ninth of June, to Tania and Ibrihim Ramatoulaye, Count and Countess in the Moon Kingdom. Kont Ibrihim succumbed to a deadly infection as the result of a boating injury when little Angelique was about two, leaving her mother to raise her. Konte Tania was a headstrong, proud woman, who attempted to raise her young daughter as a proper young lady. By the age of six, Angelique was being trained in the manners of the court; her lessons included daily etiquette, ballroom dancing, traditional dances and legends, and, naturally, water manipulation.

Angelique's talents for water manipulation did not come as surprise to her mother, who considered herself to be quite gifted. So confident was she in her daughter's abilities that she took no concern to following the old Lalin tradition of throwing her child into water from an early age, convinced she would be unable to drown. Of course, Angelique was perfectly capable of drowning, but her natural abilities were thus proven when she created a small wave of water to soak her parent to the bone.
During this time, Konte Tania caught the eye of the young and emerging Duke of the Moon Kingdom. Despite their age difference- Tania having been twenty-three and Francis around fifteen-the two entered a risky, slightly illicit love affair that lasted nearly a full year. However, news of their romantic endeavors quickly began to circulate, and, in the interests of preserving honour and dignity, the two separated. Eventually, the pair cut contact between each other completely. Angelique, caught up in her studies and often being punished by one tutor or another for her lack of attention, barely noticed the ordeal.
Soon after Angelique reached her eighth birthday, her mother fell ill and passed away, leaving the child completely alone. After being informed of this, Francis, then seventeen, was compelled to take the child in out of respect for his lost love:and, of course, proving his own maturity to his father. Angelique, having rarely seeing the young man, was entirely confused by this endeavor. However, having no other choice, she agreed to stay with the strange, pale-skinned aristocrat.

For the first few weeks, the child rarely spoke, having been stricken with grief, terrified, and befuddled by her surroundings. Francis, a young, wealthy teenager with absolutely no prior experience with small and headstrong children, was equally confused-and quite possibly terrified, as well. However, Angelique's inherently cheerful disposition and inquisitive nature eventually showed itself, and she warmed to the stranger, despite his rather upright and untouchable nature. The two butted heads often, however, particularly in regards to their views on women; while Francis believed that men should always be dominant, Angelique had been raised to believe the opposite. Naturally, this led to many arguments. Of course, Angelique's headstrong, fiery nature battled Francis' own stubbornness and dignity, and this clash of personalities only strengthened as she matured.

Angelique was always a very free-spirited, willful girl, and without her mother to restrain her, she flourished. Despite Francis' many lectures, she began to shirk her lessons, preferring the grounds to the manor. Upon the passing of his father, Francis inherited the title of Duke, and had little time to watch after Angelique. She began to spend more and more time by the docks, falling in love with the sea more and more each day. The sailors grew attached to her, occasionally calling her over and showing her a trick or two with the sails. An elderly captain in particular took notice of the child's spirit and determination, and it was his stories of the sea and his warm, kind smile that instilled in her the dream of obtaining her own ship.

However, Angelique's lessons managed to continue under Francis' care, and expanded to include cooking, art, and other skills he deemed important for a woman to learn.
Despite their differences, Angelique slowly but surely began to see Francis as a father-perhaps brought on by the lack of fatherly presence in her life prior- and took to calling him 'Papa'. Though slightly disturbed at first, it can be assumed that Francis cares for the girl as his own, and does not object to the term.

Angelique never enjoyed the privileged life her peers led; she found fashion and etiquette to be quite stuffy, and her constantly bold nature prevented her from making friends with most of her fellow ladies. Of course, her views on a woman's 'place' often caused young men to raise eyebrows, as well. With no one to trust enough for friendship, or even to like enough for friendship, she slowly drifted away from the other young nobles of the Moon Kingdom, preferring the brazenly open company of the sailors by the wharf.
By the age of fifteen, Angelique's frustration of Noble life and the limitations it posed were brought to a head, and after yet another tediously boring gala, she threatened to run away.After a spirited argument, the two finally reached a middle point. While Francis disapproves of his daughter's gallivanting adventures on the sea, he's accepted that there is little he can do about it. Angelique, in turn, does attempt to reach her father halfway, at least, as much as a woman such as herself can.

She spends much of her time on the ships, mingling with commoners and working for her keep. The sailors consider her one of their own, and for the most part, she does as well. She drinks, smokes, swears, and dances around on the ropes like the best of them. While she does not attempt to keep her title a secret from her fellow seamen, she doesn't exactly show it about, either; she does not wish for anyone to treat her differently because of it. Her powers of water manipulation, while not quite as strong as her father's, do come in handy while aboard. She does enjoy traveling, acquiring many of her own stories and trinkets about the oceans, and hopes to one day be as weathered and accomplished as the elderly captain she met years ago.

She does return to her father's manor between her adventures, and cleans herself up whilst there. She refrains from swearing, keeps her smoking to a minimum, and takes care to present herself as a 'proper young lady', if only for official visitations and arrangements.

RP Sample:

This is a snippet of my reply to an RP in which a young woman, a human pirate, challenged Sey on her own shores. At first, the two fight, but Sey is later forced to recall her own times in piracy, and the two form a sort of bond.

Angelique allowed the human to tackle her, watching in amusement as the other attempted to hold her jaw closed. Well, let the child- and she truly was a child, to the nation- think she had control. She laid there, languid, as the other snarled in her face, spittle leaking from the corner of her mouth in rage. Evidently, she’d hit a nerve.
Oh, this little one truly thought of herself as a heroine, didn’t she? That her crimes, her way of life, vulgar as it was, could be excused? It was clear to the nation that the woman, no, the girl, held herself above the common people. Believed that she could take what she wanted, do as she pleased, with no regard to the lives she ruined. Typical.

She barely winced as her head was thrown harshly against the ground, again and again. A career? A skill? She laughed bitterly. Bondye, byén, this one was thick. What idiocy. This child, this mere enfant, she thought she knew it all, did she? Did she truly believe that Angelique Ramatoulaye, child of the sea, had never before encountered this sort of life? She’d been left, and not for the first time, completely alone during the Great War. Without a fellow companion, without a single soul , she watched, powerless, as the world began to crumble. No food, no water, no choice, but to pillage for her own survival. Days spent on the sea in leaking, rickety boats, where her men and women, once faithful, strong, hard-working people, turned the sword on their neighbors.

The memories nearly overcame her; for a moment, she drowned in them, drowned in the harsh sound of steel cutting into flesh, the alien smell of gunpowder stinging her nose, the splatters of crimson blood against dark skin. She remembered watching passing vessels overcome and sink into her clear, serene waters. The swirling vortex the sharks created when they came to feed on the corpses of her people and their victims. The men that left to create a new life on the shores of Africa, songs on their lips and hope in their hearts, never to return.

Yes, she knew that life- the life of a pirate; but she also knew what it was to give up that life of her own will. She knew the temptation to give up her morals and do whatever she deemed necessary, but she also knew the strength it required to resist. This child had a lot to learn. But along with the anger and the condescension she felt towards the girl, there was also pity. Empathy. As the girl rolled off of her chest, the islander sat up, flicking her dark tresses out of her eyes. Lifting a hand to the back of her head, she registered a warm, wet sensation. Her hand returned, stained with crimson. She directed her gaze to her companion.

“Wi, I ‘ave judged you, men, ‘ave you not judged me? What do ya’ take me for? Ya d’ink I know nod’in’ of what you speak?” She lifted her chin, her eyes narrowed, dark orbs glaring through long lashes with derision and pride. “I am Sesel. I was born to d’ese waves and I will fade away into d’em. Ya don’t d’ink I know what it is to kill a man, a woman? To see d’a lights fade from d’eir eyes?” Her voice grew angrier, but never shook; she would not allow this arrogant child to see her break. “Ya don’t d’ink I know what it is to be left alone, left for dead, wid’ no way to provide for ya’self? Look around.” The islander gestured to the wide expanse of ocean, the white, unsheltered beach, the looming boulders. “You see anyd’in’ d’ere d’at can support twenty-four d’ousan’ people? D’at was my reality. I ‘ad no extra food, no military, and no ‘ope. So I led d’a very same life you speak of.” Breathing heavily, she raised a single eyebrow, daring the other to continue.

EST, or the eastern Coast of the United States, if you're not familiar.
Anything else
I really fucking love zeppoles, okay. Don't even get me started.

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Only one teeny tiny thing to fix! Seychelles is part of the Moon Kingdom, as is France! Other then that, the application is absolutely fantastic! I am pleased to welcome you!
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