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 Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation }

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Иван Брагинский

Иван Брагинский

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PostSubject: Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation }   Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation } Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 1:21 am

Ivan Braginsky


Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation } 2870sv8


Ivan Braginsky


Kingdom of Origin
The Northern Kingdom

Territory within the Kingdom



Frozen water


The first thing one may notice about Mr. Braginsky is the fact he is unusually tall, standing at about 279,4 cm ( 6'11 feet ), he is much of a human tower; muscular, tall, broad, kind of chubby. His weight does happen to fluctuate, depending on how much alcohol he'd been consuming during that time. His many coats seem to make him look even more heavy set than one may already see him as, but he doesn't seem to mind that fact, being that they are warm and when living in a building constructed of ice, seem to keep one's hindquarters from freezing.
Ivan has a complexion of all around iciness; his skin is pale with a quality that could be thought of as nothing less than frosty. His eyes tend to seem a bit sunken back from his many sleepless nights, never the less they are bright and plum colored; something of a light plum, anyhow. His hair is platinum blond, reaching his mid jaw at normal length, but if he'd not found time to have it cut, at the most three inches or so longer. His nose is prominent on his face, and often has a sort of ruddy quality from both the cold, and the drinking which he just so happens to do rather often.

Ivan is a rather aggressive young man, mainly without meaning to be. He doesn’t speak roughly, but seems to act out in more violent manners. His political statements or movements always seem to come with a sharp edge and are backed by force. Aggression, in his mind, is one way of getting his point across easily. He doesn’t strike at a moment’s notice, but seems to meditate his next move even if it happens to be something that could be thought of as harmful. It seems as though he does not happen to see his own wrongs in daily life. He does not often act against those that work closely to him, but does seem to enjoy harassing some of the common workers around the place, so much so that he insists on some flirting with them, all in good fun of course, but it seems to be taken as rough treatment. Only few times when he was angered did he strike them, and because he has little understanding of his own strength, left them with marks. He would not lower himself to say he felt regret in public, but he does deeply wish he hadn’t acted on impulse.
Regretting seems to be a near daily thing for him, whatever it may be, from regretting things he’d said to things he’d done, or even thought. Ivan can never shake the feeling that he has done, or is doing something wrong. It seems to be a constant burden, the feeling of guilt that he always has for the blood shed within his kingdom, or even small things that happen around it. He is to the understanding that not everything can be helped, but would very much like to have the people act more as one; to create more balance and what he thinks would be an easier way of life all together. Though that had never seemed to work, from what he learned, people struggle for identity rather than just being happy with being. Confusing as he may find that idea, he accepts it for political reasons outside of his kingdom. Nevertheless he continues to wonder what life would be like if they all acted as one, and considers making it so when he receives word of ill happenings.
Ivan has a strong appreciation for friendship, and is happy to have a companion at any time. He prefers being around people, happy people more than anything. The warmest thing in the room should never be a fireplace, but a smile. He is attracted to personalities that seem friendly and open, very drawn to talkers as well. His willingness to believe most everything he’s told seems to get him into trouble, but he doesn’t exactly realize that that is just what he does. He’s rather stuck on believing he does not take to every little word some well put together fellow with a friendly face might say, but his childish ways get the best of him in that, leaving him to accept people rather quickly for whatever reasons. That seems to make him shockingly easygoing, ready to go where the current takes him, as long as said current is not frowning and icy in behavior.
Childishness is engrained into his being, so much so that he is like a large child, smiling, playful, and easily distressed. Simple things please him, small things upset him. He is not the sharpest wit, but can be a prick. Much of what he does seems unnecessary and next to useless, always taking the long way around rather than an easy straight forward path he makes things by far harder on himself and those around him because of how scrambled his train of thought gets when he tries to think too hard. Most of what he thinks is a tad backwards, maybe even thought of a sick by some. His actions can be unfavorably cruel more often than they should be for a prince, but he doesn’t seem to understand that he shouldn’t do about half of the things he does.
Most of his nights are spent awake, eyes wide and on his door. He is sure to sleep in a room without a window, so there is only one place he needs to keep watch. Braginski is in constant fear of someone or something coming back to haunt him, a man he knew by the name of General Winter, whom he had worked under when learning about the arts of war for some time. He has no fond memories of him, and would never bring up his name even if asked to for fear he may come back. In his mind the very dead man still seems to be a threat, a constant chill around him, and unease in his tone during the colder months of the year. He seems to silently blame much of his trouble on this figure, from his acting out to deaths of natural cause. No matter what it may be he feels as though the worst omen is the season of winter, when the man became particularly angry from what he remembers of his childhood. He finds it to be a most unsettling time of year, and is stuck in the mind set, that if he were a commoner he would move to a warmer land as quickly as he could to get away from the evils like that. He would never admit to hearing a faint whisper of a cracking voice when he makes decisions, nor would he admit to giving into whatever said voice commands of him.


Strengths and Weaknesses
He is rather naïve.
Extraordinarily trusting.
Does not understand his own strength.
Reading English is one hell of a task for him.
Is easily frustrated.
Fairly good at math, but somehow not with commonsense.
Strikes out far too often.
Is fairly good with trade deals.
Is fairly bad with keeping peace.
He just loves too much.

Likes/hobbies and Dislikes
Enjoys Puzzles.
Loves his cat.
Does not enjoy the whole Ice Castle thing.
Does not like winter.
Likes flirting a little too much.
Does not like finding dead animals on his door step.
May or may not leave dead animals on other people’s doorsteps.
Likes flowers, sunflowers more so.
Loves obese cats.
Feeds his cat as a hobby.

Fears, Quirks, etc
He is afraid of being alone for long periods of time.
Is a cuddle bug.
Feels the need to keep the left curtain in the hall window by his room pulled back.
Sings to himself.
Happens to be fairly good at dancing.
Will happily watch theatric or artistic performances if asked or invited to.
Fears that his people will revolt or leave.
Will not be seen without his scarf.
Believes that a circus might be a good way to get away from royal life and will recommend joining one.


Ivan Braginsky lived happily with his two sisters as a young boy, though his mother and father seemed rather busy with their Kingly and Queenly duties, he was happy with his older sister… but he could do if the younger one kept away from him, there was no harm in that. When the nannies suddenly left, and they were being hidden, he was confused and very upset, it seemed as though the land was never quite settled, clans were still between themselves fighting for power, people still very twisted in thought.
When his father and mother were murdered, a General took the thrown, and proceeded to raise his siblings and himself to what he claimed was the best of his ability. Ivan was then thrown into training, the likes of which could be thought of as abusive, he was at the General’s side most every day with the same near horrified expression on his face all of the time, as once seen on a painting in the throne room that was of the makeshift family. Some of the workers found the look a tad funny, he on the other hand found nothing funny during that time. Every day until Winter’s very planned death, Ivan lived in fear, for his sisters and himself. He was never sure of what they went though in the General’s presence, but was to the understanding that it may have been the same, though they did not work beside him.
The memory of the old man’s death is forever made itself present in his mind, there to the very last words, that strange noise of his struggle for air. Ivan was the one who removed the painting. He never accepted the coronation as king of the land, though he easily could, according to his supervisors, he felt a though it would not be right, and continues to rule as a prince rather than trying to take his father’s place.

RP Sample
Lukas sighed, pushing blond bangs from his eyes before twisting the honey locks between his fingers for a moment, silent as a few nurses bought a very knocked out boy into his office. He rubbed his temples upon seeing who it was. His most frequent visitor. He was sure at this point that the boy just must love seeing him. There was no way he could let him out at all; he was one of the top cases. They couldn't leave him alone for a moment; he would find some way to get out of his room and down the street or something like that. Multiple things had happened and it was like Lukas to expect them. For some reason every time he spoke to Aaron he trusted that the boy would not do it again. This was more than likely a rather stupid thing for him to do.
He shook his head, sitting at his desk and pulling out a file, going though the multiple papers and marking a few things.
Lukas wasn't a very large man; he was about 5'7, which he felt was a rather average height, even if his sister was taller than himself... and only twelve. Either way he looked young enough for the age of 23. He wasn't very tan, rather pale really, being that he spent most all of his time indoors those days, a work out was normal, so he was fairly well toned, he enjoyed swimming with some of the safer cases, like the rehab patients, or sometimes a yoga session with some others... it really seemed to help calm them down and he was wishing he could convince Aaron to do some of those workouts or at least eat more.
Diet was his biggest concern with Aaron, his lack of trust for the people around him was unnerving. He knew a lot of them had trust issues, but Aaron lacked those and common sense to understand that eating was part of living. It was getting to the point that he was starting to feel that taking care of Aaron was going to be his responsibility. They had previously established that they were friends with one another.
Today the dimples on his face remind without a smile to go along with them and brighten his features as he watched the boy awake, a small frown clear on his face, his brows knitted together as he shooed the other people from the room before closing the door as to start yet another session with Aaron. The boy was nice to talk to, and he did enjoy it, but he personally did not like seeing people dragged into his office because there was some run off and about how the staff was a bunch of monsters. He still felt awful for that pretty young lady he sent in to take care of him, they seemed to be doing so well until she handed him a pen. That was not a bright idea. He had decided that the writing tools the boy was allowed were crayons a while before that, just for safety, not even because of that and the silly woman goes and hands him a pen thinking it's safe. Not the brightest girl in the world though.
"Aaron, what was it this time?" he asked, moving to sit on his desk as to make himself look more open for the whole trust factor. His grey eyes were a bit clouded with thought, the unnerving feeling that he could not get through to this boy stirring him deep down, he was growing too attached to a few of his cases, and had recently been trying to not do that. It was not professional at all; he really needed to consider the facts about the entirety.
He moved to the sofa, sitting beside the rather tall boy, leaning back and watching him, "I know you get scared, but you can't go on a mad dash though the lobby, well, you didn't get though it this time, but still, almost. Do you know how many other patients you scared?" he asked, leaning forward slightly, "This is a place for healing, and you know that, no one here wants to hurt you, no one here has ever tried to hurt you." Lukas sighed, shaking his head a bit and looking to his hands which he placed in his lap, "you make it very hard to find someone to take your case, you know that?" He said, a small smile on his face as he gave a little laugh, "As of lately I'd be the only person to take it, and if that's been your goal or something you could have just asked."
He couldn't shake the idea that that just may have been so.






Anything else
Euuurgh... I do have a hard time picking, but if I had to I suppose it would be TimTams... Pardon my abuse of squiggles. I have too many of them beside me, and I have to get rid of at least 32 a day, they mate fast. I did not use Ivan in the RP sample, simply because I was far too lazy to type a bit once more. There by I found the first RP I could and used a post that I made in the past.

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PostSubject: Re: Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation }   Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation } Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 1:28 am

Wonderful! And Ivan's infamous cat <3
It's quite fine about the sample! It is, after all, just a sample.
You are accepted!
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Ivan Braginsky { The Russian Federation }
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