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 The Five Kingdoms

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The Northern Kingdom
Ruling Nation: Russia

Territories: Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Balkan (including the Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian Regions), Ukrainian, Belorussian, Romanian, and Bulgarian

Geography: The Northern Kingdom is mostly mountainous and cold. Some of the Northernmost regions see sunlight once every few years. There is only one season: winter. There are very few plains and deserts, but those that are are rarely inhabited. The largest, the Northern Plains, are usually covered in snow. Some of the Islands are warmer than the mainland, but only by a few degrees.

Society: The people of the Northern Kingdom are very traditional and a little backwards. Their economy is based mainly mining and hunting. The commoners of the kingdom live in two to three room spaces carved into the ground to conserve warmth. Those wealthier, or with a magical family member, live in a sort of ice-building, with magic keeping it together and habitable. The Royal Palace is constructed that way, completely of ice, held together by the magic from the very first King of the North who united the small tribes that covered the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of the Moon:
Ruling Nation: British Isles

Territories: French, German (including the Prussian region), Swiss (including the Isle of Liechtenstein), Polish, Netherlands, Belgian, Austrian Isle, the North American Isles (including the regions of the United States and Canada), Australian, and the Isle of Seychelles.

Geography: The Kingdom of the Moon experiences "normal" weather, though it's more rainy than the others. The northern region, particularly in the German Territory, is more mountainous than the south. All the territories are connected by multiple seas, canals, and/or rivers. Far off, closer to the Kingdom of the Heavens, are the warmer territories of Australia and Seychelles. The interior of the Kingdom is covered by a vast forest that seems ominous, but is inhabited by many of the poorer subjects.

Society: Though not as traditional as the Northern Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Moon does tend to be the most formal of the Kingdoms. There's a strict caste system in place, with Royalty at the top. The economy is based off manufacturing through magical means. It's common for people of lower castes to be born with a magical ability in this Kingdom, as the commoners are better off then in other lands.

The Kingdom of the Sun:
Ruling Nation: Spain

Territories: Italian Peninsula, Hungarian Isles, Isle of Greece, Isle of Cyprus, Turkish, Portuguese, Cuban, South American Isles (Mexican, Central, and Southern regions).

Geography: Most of the land in this Kingdom is flat, though there are some mountains. The beaches are very populated and internationally known. In fact, many of the people tend to live towards the coasts, with a few sparsely located cities towards the inside of the nation, though it's more populous than the Southern Kingdom. There are even some rainforests in the Southern American region

Society: Though there are social classes, they aren't as strict as the Moon or Heavens Kingdoms. Most of the people in this Kingdom tend to be friendly and warm. They take life very easy and are stereotyped as being lazy. Their economy is based on fishing along the coasts and ranching in the interior. The Royal Family tends to be more welcoming to their subjects and more involved with the people.

The Kingdom of the Heavens:
Ruling Nation: China

Territories: Korean, Isle of Japan, Vietnamese, Mongol, Thai, Tibet, Isle of Taiwan

Geography: The Kingdom is isolated from most of the other kingdoms, shrouding it in mystery. The area connected to the Kingdom of the Sun is blocked by a chain of mountains and the other sides of the region are surrounded by water. Its weather is very similar to the Kingdom of the Moon's, only slightly colder. The mountains in this region tend to be extremely tall, despite their age.

Society: The people of the Kingdom of the Heavens tend to be ethnocentric and a mixture of traditional and formal. They have a weaker caste system than the Kingdom of the Moon. Their Rulers, at the beginning of the Kingdom, are rumored to have been chosen by a divine entity, giving the Kingdom its name. Artisan crafts, inventions, and goods considered a delicacy to the other Kingdoms make up the economy.

The Southern Kingdom:
Ruling Nation: Egyptian Peninsula

Territories: Cameroon, Botswana, Ugandan, Ghana, Kenyan Isle, Wy, and Madagascar

Geography: Though by the rules of geography the Kingdom should be cold due to its southern location, it's actually the warmest of all the Kingdoms. Most of the lands are vast, flat, and hot. The aptly named Desert of Hell is the hottest place on Hasnonia - in the day. At night it can reach temperatures more similar to those in the Northern Kingdom.

Society: The people of this region are mostly tribal and often regarded as barbaric and uncivilized by the other Kingdoms. Their homes are constructed under the ground to keep cool. There are even entire cities underground. The tribes are based on a hunting and gathering society, though the major cities participate in some trade.
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The Five Kingdoms
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