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 Application for France.

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Francis Bonnefois

Francis Bonnefois

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Application for France. Empty
PostSubject: Application for France.   Application for France. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 12:18 am

ℱrancis onnefois, Duc de France

Application for France. Tumblr_ly85f3oYLF1qlo0owo1_100

Application for France. Fykhu0

Application for France. Tumblr_ly85f3oYLF1qlo0owo1_100

✦Name: Francis Bonnefois.
✦ Age: Il a vingt six ans. (26)
✦ Kingdom of Origin: Le Royaume de la lune. (The Moon Kingdom)
✦ Territory within the Kingdom: Le Territoire de la France. (French territory)
✦ Rank: Duc. (Duke)
✦ Profession: Rien. Il est un duc, et un duc seulement. (He is only a Duke.)
✦ Control of an element?: L'eau. (Water.)

Application for France. Tumblr_ly85f3oYLF1qlo0owo1_100


Francis, to put it simply, is sexy. He is extremely conscious of that fact, and usually acts upon it to his advantage.

He is aware of how others sigh and glare enviously when comparing their hair to his own. He is also very well informed of the lust others feel when looking at it, the need to touch it. But, he can't help that; he was born with gorgeous hair. For as long as he can remember, his hair has always been admirable. Because of this, he believes it to be a gift from the gods. Francis considers his hair to be the greatest blessing, and the best way to win the hearts of others. With the vibrant gold shine, the honey-colored highlights, and the sweet smell of roses, how could anyone not consider it his best feature? His hair bounces with a unique shimmer to it, in a very lassiez-faire way. It is genuine, and very much so appreciated by himself and others. He usually does make any effort to style his waves, but he does sweep them up into a loose ponytail every now and then.

In contrast to his hair, his facial features are sharp and piercing. If you cast just one look into his shocking pale blue eyes, you will never want to look away. It is almost as if his eyes are magnets, attracting anyone to continue staring until they are unable to look away. They are shadowed by thin eyebrows, perfectly groomed, and perfectly positioned. His nose is straight, and when looked at directly, resembles a downward arrow. It is usually pointed towards the air, in a show of his disdain to whoever is attempting to converse with him. His mouth is frequently turned up into a devious smirk, which is very well suited for his thin, pale lips. He has a long, pointed face, and his chin is very pronounced. There is the slightest bit of well-groomed stubble on his jaw that he is often seen stroking while he is lost in thought.

In addition to his facial features, he takes great pride in his body structure. He is tall, lean and has a fair amount of muscle. Staying fit comes naturally to Francis. He eats healthy, and he isn't a sloth. Not to mention the many nights that he spends not sleeping.
Francis is very distinguishable from others by his flashy fashion sense. He wears the best suited clothes for his personality, as presumed. He never leaves his home without being clad in top-notch clothing. He considers strolling with a walking stick to look very proper, and is usually seen carrying one. He enjoys wearing cravats, pouffy blouses, long double breasted coats, simple pants, and high boots. He is often seen wearing various shades of blue, matched with dark browns or whites. He downright refuses to wear same outfit twice. He is always pleased -and generally very brave- to wear the newest fashions, even if they look ridiculous. In the end, he pulls them off with more class than anyone can dream of having.

All in all, Francis is your typical aristocrat. He dresses like one, acts like one, and looks like one. But that, of course, is because he is one.


The most important thing that should be mentioned about Francis' personality is that it varies depending on whom he is talking with and his relations with that person. If he was talking to somebody whom he had never met, or somebody whom he was making a business deal with, his aristocratic side would dominate. He would be much more pompous, formal, and uptight. However, if he was talking with somebody whom he considers to be close with, or somebody whom he is comfortable around, he would be much more laid back. He would smile, crack jokes, and be much more infatuated with the conversation.

Francis is first, and foremost, a romantic. He believes in the power of love, and that it is the most dominating emotion. He enjoys giving pretty girls a rose and a kiss on the hand, and handsome men a nice bottle of rosé wine to share. To him, romance rules everything. It takes no effort for Francis to be romantic, because the trait is instinctive to him. It is very important to him to alert beautiful people of their status. He is a lover, not a fighter.

When his loved ones are involved, Francis is a very caring person. He is a family man, and wishes the best to everyone in his family, even if they don't agree with his views. He shows endless amounts of affection to his loved ones, whether they want him to or not. He absolutely loves appreciating, and in turn being appreciated. Inheritance is a very important thing to Francis, especially when it comes to money. He believes that the next generation of the nobility should continue on with their duties accordingly.

Luckily for most, Francis understands humour; at least, when it is not about himself. He loves to crack a joke about Arthur's eyebrows, especially to Arthur. He often speaks with a very sarcastic undertone to his voice without even realising. In addition to being sarcastic and humorous, he is also very witty. Francis is a very quick thinker.

On the complete b-side of things, there are also many negative traits to Francis. He takes the title "Duke" to heart, and usually lets it get to his head. Because of that, he dislikes conversing with those of a lower status than his own. He tends to act very hostile and uninterested when anyone who is not part of the aristocracy attempts to talk to him by any means that aren't purely business related.

As probably already assumed, he is by no doubt one of the most vain people alive. He often puts himself above others to get what he wants. He believes that he can do so much more than his abilities let him, and the outcome usually ends up disappointing and depressing him. He is unreliable when it comes to anything to do with physical violence, because he was always trained to use wit before weapons, and weapons before hands.

Francis usually take insults aimed at himself very seriously, regardless of how they were meant to be taken. He has a tendency to get offended easily, and takes things to heart without justification. Though, he is less likely to get offended the longer he knows the person who insulted him. If there is a rupture in his ego, everybody suffers.

Francis firmly believes in gender roles, and that men should be the dominating gender. This causes anger and tears between him and Angelique. Due to his sexism, he is usually very judgmental when he sees a person step out of their "gender roles".

Though he is very strict about gender roles, his sexism doesn't stop him from being attracted to people of both genders. He accepted that he was bisexual back when he was a teenager. Plus, his libido is usually off the charts.

To conclude, Francis is a contradiction all his own. He is mysterious, yet easy to predict. He is accepting of all, yet sexist. He is kind and caring, yet very self-centered and cowardly.

Application for France. Tumblr_ly85f3oYLF1qlo0owo1_100


Seduction: Francis is great at picking up anyone. He knows just the right things to say to get them at his mercy. At least, in the bedroom.
Responsibility: Ever since he was given the title of duke, he has been authoritative and he knows how to keep track of his jobs.
Quick thinking: Francis is usually very good at making up his mind when faced with stressful situations.
Cooking: Even though he does not do it often, he is a very skilled culinary artist.
Acting: Whether it be acting like he cares, or acting in the sense of taking on another persona, his skill at it is impeccable.


Physical Fights: Despite his build, Francis is horrible at fighting. He doesn't even know how to throw a punch properly.
Inability to Relate to Others: Francis thinks that he is the best being in the universe. He has a very hard time giving empathy to those who need it.
Cowardice: When faced with a brawl, he will take any possible course of action that allows him to escape.
Controlling: Whether it be in a romantic relationship, or a platonic one, Francis tends to be very commanding.
Narcissism: As mentioned before, he thinks that he is the best thing to ever be created. He knows that he is gorgeous, and he is very proud of that fact. Though, that does not always work out to be a good thing.


Arthur: Mm.. Those deep green eyes, who can resist them?
Sex: If Francis doesn't make love at least once a day, he doesn't consider it to be a legitimate day.
Roses: His favourite flowers. The texture of the petals are soft, and the smell soothes him when he is aggravated.
Painting: He has always had a knack for colours, and he enjoys the practice of patience that goes along with it.
Fine French Literature: Forget that English garbage. He will only read a book if it is printed in French.
Destroying the Self Confidence of Others: He needn't try very hard. He seems to do it quite well effortlessly.


Arthur: That pompous idiot. Why is he even royalty? His hair is never in place, it's disgusting.
Cold Weather: Francis has always hated the chilling breeze that runs through his hair during the winter time. Plus, nobody can look half as attractive as they normally do dressed down to their fingers in bulky winter clothes.
Cheaply Made Clothing: He doesn't like it, he doesn't buy it, he usually doesn't even cast it a glance.
Sailing: His attitude towards the ocean is quite blasé. Additionally, he tends to get sea-sick.
Bugs: They are small, slimy, and ugly. Everything that Francis hates.
Rejection: It always hits him much too hard. Why would somebody not want his gorgeous body?


Often Seen With A Wine Glass In Hand: Francis has a seemingly endless supply of wine.
Occasional Smoker: He doesn't make a habit of it, but Francis does enjoy the odd puff from his pipe every now and then.
Slips Into Native Language: He will switch to French at any given opportunity, and tends to slip into it when feeling any passionate emotion.


◆Being Unattractive: The horrible day when Francis loses his glamour is the horrible day that the world implodes.
Dying Slowly and Painfully: Never a pleasant thing to think about. Francis believes this to be the worst possible way to die.
Losing His Title: He holds his rightful place in the aristocracy close to his heart.

Application for France. Tumblr_ly85f3oYLF1qlo0owo1_100


It all started with just a thought. A simple thought, that perhaps there should be an heir to the noble French title of 'duke'. Yes, papa and mama Bonnefois were your typical duke and duchess. Pompous, snooty, but extravagant at their jobs. To be the overlord of a territory, it really was a blessing. Francis' father was in charge of Le Territoire de la France, and he did an excellent job at keeping peace throughout it. He picked his fights wisely, and saved the territory of France from any bad damage that might have occurred. Despite having an endless amount of loyalty to his country, Papa Bonnefois could not fight off the deterioration of his physical well being that came with old age. So, it didn't take long for the Bonnefois' to decide that they wanted to have a beautiful baby boy. Of course, nine months after that decision, their dreams came true, and little Francis Claude Bonnefois III, Marquis de France was born on July 14. This blessing did not happen without a curse, unfortunately. His mother fell ill and died shortly after giving birth. For what seemed as the longest time, it was just Francis, his father, all of their servants, and the loyal citizens of France.

His childhood was somewhat of a tragedy, in the sense that he was unable to experience true fatherly love. His father was always busy with something or another, so he was raised by his nanny and the other servants of the Bonnefois household. He was educated at home by a governess, which meant he did not have very many instances to be in the company of other children. The only time he saw someone else his age was when he was to attend fancy dinners, galas or balls. Francis spent most of his time staying on task with whatever was put in front of him, though he did stray away from his norm occasionally. He enjoyed the odd star gazing at night, and he pulled a prank or two on the poor unsuspecting butler every now and then. He scarcely had an opportunity to talk with his father, and when he did, some other important matter had always interrupted them. Nevertheless, Francis understood from a very young age that being a duke came with a lot of responsibility. He did not wish death upon his father, but he was definitely more than eager to take on the title. He couldn't wait to be in charge of everything he knew: the beautiful land that he grew up in. France.

But then, puberty hit Francis.

The way that Francis discovered that he could manipulate water was not a pleasant one. When he was around thirteen, for some reason or another, he was angry with his father. He stomped down to the ocean and let out his frustration, accidentally bending the water right into his face. It was a painful, yet effective way for Francis to blow off his steam. He was enthralled with his powers, eager to learn more. He eventually told his butler, who in turn arranged lessons for Francis to extend his gift. Although he was hard working, Francis did not have a natural knack for it. It took him almost two and a half years to master his abilities to manipulate water. After years of training with only one instructor, Francis did not like showing off his skill to others. Not even his father. He believed it to be for his own eyes, and his own eyes only. Even to this day, Francis will only control water in front of others if the situation desperately requires him to.

There were many other instances that revealed puberty was taking effect in the Bonnefois manor. Francis's relationship with his father grew more restrained, and things seemed very stressful. The young marquis was growing tired of staying in his own territory, and developed a strong wanderlust. Eventually, at fifteen, he decided to act upon that want to explore. He traveled across the ocean to an exotic island in the Moon Kingdom. There, he docked at a strange land with seemingly strange people. He did not know what to do: a young white man on an island full of coloured people speaking strange languages and eating even stranger foods. It was on this island that he experienced love for the first time. Though, it is not to say that his first love was a happy story.

While Francis was living temporarily on the Isle of Seychelles, he met and fell in love with Tania Ramatoulaye, a headstrong, proud countess. Everything seemed perfect, except for one small problem. Tania was twenty three, and Francis was fifteen. He was at constant war with himself: True love, or true morals. Francis was always taught that the man was to be the oldest of a relationship, so he had much difficulty overcoming what he was brought up to believe. Nevertheless, love took over and the two had an incognito love-affair that lasted close to twelve months. Rumours floated around, and for the sake of their own pride and titles, the two split, and Francis returned back to France.

When Francis returned, he was sixteen. The slightest bit of stubble could be seen on his chin, he walked with a new glowing manly pride, and he had his own ego. He had traveled, fell in love, experienced heart break, and returned back without a physical scratch. All seemed perfect, until he had to deal with the consequences. His father felt that he was too immature to be a duke, and constantly reminded Francis of how he wished he had a perfect son. Francis knew he was simply being misunderstood, so his dignity was left unscathed. A couple of years went by uneventful, other than his father's health deteriorating. His life drastically changed when he was seventeen, when he heard about urgent news from a certain island.

Tania had fallen ill and passed away, and her daughter was now an orphan. Nobody knew what to do with her, so the poor little eight year old was living by herself. Francis decided to step up, and prove his maturity to his father. He set back for the Seychelles, and planned to take the little orphan Angelique as his own daughter. The first few months they were together were very awkward, and the cultural barrier was significant. Francis had no idea what to do with a young, sassy girl. Eventually, the two found a middle point, and they got along very well for the most part. There was the occasional dispute, generally over women's roles in society, but it was nothing too serious to permanently rapture their relationship.

Two years had passed, and things had been going very well for Francis. He found his niche in the aristocracy, his relationship with Angelique was constantly blossoming, and he was determined to find a new lover. However, things were put to a halt when his father's health was in grave danger. He was on the verge of passing away, and Francis felt more helpless than ever. It was then that he realised of the responsibilities he had to take over. Francis experienced an epiphany. He finally realised his place in life. He was going to be a duke. His father passed away shortly after being bed ridden, and Francis Claude Bonnefois III, Marquis de France officially inherited his father's title. His new name was Francis Claude Bonnefois III, Duc de France. Francis was filled with pride. This was what he was born for, and this was what he was waiting for his whole life. To take on the position of his father.

With his new found responsibilities, his relationship with Angelique became very restricted, much as his own relationship with his father had. She spent her days away on the docks with the sailors, when she should have been cooking, painting, and attending royal events. Francis greatly disapproved of that, but he simply did not have the time to stop her. It wasn't like it would do much good anyways. He was busy overlooking a territory, charming young women, reading fine French literature, and showing up to his obligatory affairs. Of course, royal events meant having to interact with the royal pain-in-the-ass.

Yes, ever since Francis met Arthur, he had developed a strange love-hate feeling towards him. They met when they were very young, at a royal gala where they were shoved together and expected to converse. As the years went on, their relationship never changed. They were always stuck with one another at various functions, and Francis both loathed and loved it at the same time. Arthur had always been such a strange being to Francis. He had a bizarre accent, his hair had always stuck up in odd places, and not to mention his eyebrows were huge. Francis had always hated those. In fact, his hatred for them was so deep, that one day he offered to trim them right off. His deal was not taken lightly, and Francis woke up the next day with a black eye. His relationship with Arthur was evidently an interesting one. Seeing him on a weekly basis after inheriting his father's title as duke was definitely an experience for the Frenchman.

Not much has happened in Francis' life since the day he was declared duke. Every day seemed as if it was a repeat of the past one. He took great pride in himself, his servants took great pride in him, and the citizens of his beautiful France also took great pride of him. All in all, Francis has had a very eventful life. Growing up in a alluringly expensive manor near the coastline of the ocean, discovering his pristine skill with the element of water abruptly, finding true love, losing that true love, raising a child, and becoming a proud and faithful duke of Le Territoire de la France.

✦RP Sample:

Honnêtement, did anybody have the capabilities of being reliable for once?

Francis' day started quite mundane. He woke up at the usual time, got ready for the day ahead of him, and begrudgingly emerged from his bedroom. His footsteps echoed the spacious halls as he made his way to the main staircase. On any normal day, his butler, maid, assistant, and cook would be there to bid him bonjour. He would then stick his nose in the air from pride, and start his way down the cascading steps to the hallway, all the while muttering about something or another that had been bothering him. He would take a deep breath of his beautiful French air, resulting in a new attitude to overcome him; a very content one. He would then be asked what he wanted for breakfast, in which he would reply to with no hesitance depending on what he craved that day.

But not today.

For some reason, be it an off day for him or not, his servants were not present. Francis stood at the top of the staircase, dumb-struck, worried, and irritated. How dare they not show up to their obligations! They were supposed to greet him every day and help him with his frustrating mornings! The confused Frenchman yelled for his butler in a loud, booming voice that would surely be heard through the whole mansion.


Francis grabbed onto the railing of the stairs with his gloved hand, putting all of his body weight on one leg. Certainly, they had to be around somewhere. He repeated his echo, and waited. Still no response. Francis huffed and angrily scurried down the stairs, contemplating whether or not to check the gardens in the back yard. Perhaps they were slacking off again. Once he reached the bottom, he stopped abruptly and took in his surroundings. Everything was the exact same, except for one element. It seemed so empty with nobody around. Francis had the whole manor to himself. His big, spacious home was his own, and his own only. Of course, he always had the option of kicking out his servants if he really wanted to, but this feeling was different. Even if he yelled for help, nobody would show up.

He decided to start his day in the kitchen and make himself some food. That was what the cook did, right? He started his search in the cupboards for the ingredients to make his breakfast. He was in a very croissant avec confiture mood. He knew exactly how to make the delicious bread, but it was just a matter of finding the content. In the midst of his quest, he found the already-ground beans for his favourite coffee flavour, French vanilla. It was peculiar; there was already a mug of hot water prepared. Francis took a bit of the ground mixture and put it in the water, mixing them together. He was just about to take his first burning sip of coffee when he heard a loud knock on the main doors in the entrance way. It is probably somebody who needs their something or other signed. He put the hot mug down and cleared his throat.

"Gilles, don't hesitate to ans-"

He stopped mid sentence, realising that Gilles was nowhere to be found. Francis rolled his eyes and fixed his hair, walking angrily to the front door. He opened it with haste, plastering a charming smile on his face.

"My my, you have caught me at such an inconvenient time. I have not eaten yet today, and my coffee is going to get cold. Would it bother you to drop by later, if your concern is urgent?"

Application for France. Tumblr_ly85f3oYLF1qlo0owo1_100


✦Name: Lauren.
✦Age: 15.
✦Timezone: EST.
✦Anything else: I really just like ice cream. It's nice and simple, and cold. Oh, and also, my French is unfortunately unsatisfactory when compared to a person who speaks French fluently. I apologise for that.

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Application for France. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for France.   Application for France. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 12:13 am

Hello! You have been accepted. I must say that I rather enjoyed your application. I am usually rather critical of France applications, but yours was lovely and a very good read. You incorporated a lot of nice things into him that I love seeing in that character. So, welcome to the forums! Please change your username to Francis Bonnefois. Once you have done that please feel free to introduce yourself in the proper board, and feel free to start posting.
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Application for France.
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