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 FemJapan // Sakura Honda

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Sakura Honda

Sakura Honda

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FemJapan // Sakura Honda 2dwc1mq


Name: Sakura Honda
Age: 19
Kingdom of Origin: The Kingdom of the Heavens
Territory within the Kingdom: Japan
Rank: Part of the ‘royalty’ of the underworld
Profession: Assassin
Control of an element?: Air (with a few watered down water genes)


Appearance: Sakura takes great care over her appearance, keeping herself pristine, her hair trimmed short, with a black grip with little china cherry blossoms on to keep the bangs out of her face. Her face itself is small, her eyes have a sharp, deadly intelligence in them, but her actual eyes are round, giving her a deceptively innocent look. She has a small mouth, lined in a soft pink when she wants to draw attention to her lips. She has a sweet smile, having been taught to be coy and seductive, but it’s completely false.

She’s petite, only 5” and very skinny, useful for crawling through small spaces. Her skin is pale white, simply adding to her appearance of being frail and dainty, like a porcelain doll. Her white skin (and mild water magic genes) is due to the fact that her great grandmother was from the Moon kingdom, giving her a slightly strange and exotic look in her own country. Her fingers are long, ending in nails which are usually painted with some kind of polish, intricate designs painted on to them. It gives away quite how affluent her family is.

She usually wears kimonos or other traditional clothes, as they are seen as attractive by her targets, usually old fashioned business men of her own kingdom or men from foreign kingdoms who find it exotic. They are made of the finest materials available.

Personality: On the outside, it appears that she is very shy, not smiling much and when she does, hiding it behind her hand in an almost flirty way. She’s able to bat her eyelids and shuffle her feet nervously but cutely, having subtle flirting down to a fine art, so the men eat out of her hands. She never overly flirts, it’s unrefined and not something she feels comfortable with.

Yes, she will flirt, as she has been taught, in her own shy way, but she is still very uncomfortable with physical contact, particularly when she’s not in control. If someone comes up to her and tries to flirt with her or hit on her, she begins to panic. If he touches her inappropriately, she’ll attack him.

Inside, though, she’s cold, with very little value for human life. She was born in to the world of organized crime, the little princess of the yakuza. They had expected a son but they could use a daughter just as well, and one who had such an affinity for the power of the heavens was valuable indeed. So she was trained to be strong but appear weak and feminine.
She’s very disciplined, young, but already working very hard on her combat skills and her powers. She very rarely does anything but train, though she also enjoys art and poetry, and likes to read.

She is comfortable with the way she looks, generally. She knows that she can trick men with the way she looks and make them follow her. As long as she can seduce men, she will remain confident in her looks.


She’s very manipulative, able to trick most people in to believing that she’s innocent and harmless.
Sakura is deceptively strong, having been trained in methods of fighting where she could keep a small frame. However, her muscles are small but hard, which gives the game away slightly.
She has a good memory, able to remember things relatively well after a few seconds of observation. It comes from her painting.
Light footed. She can walk without making very much sound at all.
She has no sympathy, so she can do what needs to be done.

She has no empathy; she has difficulty identifying with humans and though she blends in, she doesn’t make real connections with people.
Sakura hates sex, she doesn’t like anyone touching her, and if a target gets too close, for example, to kill him she has to get him in to bed, she’ll panic and make a mess
Self-deprecating; she always sees what’s wrong and spends hours at a time obsessing over how to improve. She never fits her own standards.
Accent; Yes, she speaks English fluently, and other languages fairly well, but she has a very strong accent which sometimes makes what she’s saying difficult to understand
Obsession with cute things and western culture; it distracts her sometimes when she’s on her missions. She can be close to her victim and suddenly be distracted by the fashions they wear, or the food that’s served, or the architecture. Most of the time, she’s disciplined enough that she doesn’t get distracted, but it does still happen.

Painting; she’s very good at it, and it helps her relax
Fish: They’re her favourite food. She particularly likes salted salmon, but doesn’t have it often, as it’s very unhealthy
Sweet things; She’s also got a taste for sweet things, even when they’re odd flavours. She can cool well, and admires French patisseries.
Western Culture; The fact that she was raised in a very traditional Japanese household makes her fascinated by the culture of the north and particularly the kingdom of the moon, despite how much time she spends there for ‘work’.
Dance; She admires dancers and goes to the theatre often.
Animals; She likes them much better than she likes people. She’d do anything for her cat or dog, but she would probably let a baby die if she saw no benefit to saving it.

Physical Contact; It makes her uncomfortable, unless she’s the one controlling the touch.
Rudeness; She was raised to be polite at all times, to everyone. Disrespect is not tolerable.
Insects; Who does like them? It's one of the few times she well and truly acts like a 'girl', without putting on an act.
Sake: She doesn’t have a high alcohol tolerance and the strong sake makes her ill.

Fears, Quirks:
Being sociopathic, not much scares her.
However, she is scared of insects, particularly ones with stingers. She tends the scream when they come near her, even though she knows she could kill them easily, if she tried. It’s irrational.
Being paralysed or badly hurt; she knows she would be useless without her skill, and the family would probably turn her out or kill her to keep her quiet.
Sickness; people should keep their germs to themselves, simple as that. If she’s ill, she covers her face, and if she’s around people who are ill, she covers her face. She’s very afraid of throwing up.
Though she is unable to form her own relationships, she has a little bit of an obsession with other people’s relationships and romance novels. She finds them fascinating and confusing.
She can be easily bribed in to doing things with sweet things. Not big things, like giving up information, but doing things like drawing or errands. Just as long as it doesn’t distract her from a mission, she will do it.


Biography: She is known amongst some circles as the princess of the underworld. Her family is one of the old powers of wind. They were powerful and made sure to keep their powers strong, occasionally mixing with other strong powers in order to better themselves. Whereas most families with strong powers became royalty, they decided on a different path, using their advantage to take control of the underworld. Centuries later, the Honda family is now part of the few who run an underground empire that spans all the kingdoms. Prostitution, drugs, counterfeit goods, they spear head it all.

Sakura was the first born of the Honda children. If she had been a boy, she would have inherited their empire, but instead they chose to make her powerful in another way. It became clear from a young age that she didn’t have much sympathy for humans and was naturally coordinated, magically talented and strong. They began to train her to become the perfect weapon, and she took to it as like a fish to water.

Since she turned 12, she’s been an assassin for hire. Nobody but those closest to her know that she is anything but the daughter of the Honda clan. She is the best kept secret in the whole association.

Usually, she’s hired to kill people with power – businessmen or royalty often. She is the perfect lady, respectful and graceful, so she fits in perfectly in high society. She has not yet been caught, nobody has even come close.

RP Sample: Sakura stood in front of the mirror, carefully tying up her kimono. Today, for this party, the blue one with birds stitched in to it. It was absolutely beautiful, a present that she had been given as a reward for her most recent, to replace the one that had been covered in blood.

She carefully lined her lips with a red colour and darkened her eyelashes, batting them in the mirror momentarily, to see if she had applied it correctly. Then, she took a set of knives from her drawer, lifting up the kimono to attach one to a strap on her leg, placing one in her hair, covering it with a flower. Satisfied that all the knives had been properly placed and were hidden, she turned to the door.

The music from the ball travelled down the corridor, soft violins with the most beautiful Germanic songs. She paused for a moment, awestruck, to listen. For a moment, she was distracted in the distorted, echoed music. But it was over very soon; she had a job to do, and continued down the corridor to the ball.


Name: Lauren is okay
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT
Anything else: Lemon Cheesecake

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PostSubject: Re: FemJapan // Sakura Honda   FemJapan // Sakura Honda Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 7:44 pm

That picture is absolutely beautiful, just like your app! You're accepted~
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FemJapan // Sakura Honda
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