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 ( Roderich Edelstein // Austria application complete!)

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Roderich Edelstein

Roderich Edelstein

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( Roderich Edelstein // Austria application complete!) Empty
PostSubject: ( Roderich Edelstein // Austria application complete!)   ( Roderich Edelstein // Austria application complete!) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 10:43 pm

Roderich Edelstein
( Roderich Edelstein // Austria application complete!) 15180183_m
Roderich Edelstein

Age: 21

Kingdom of Origin: Kingdom of the Moon

Territory within the Kingdom: Austrian Isle

Rank: Lord

Control of an element? Control over Water and limited control over Ice and snow.
Roderich mostly took after his mother, having inherited her soft and delicate features, pale smooth skin and unusual violet eyes; A feature from his Northern Kingdom heritage. He keeps his eyes hidden behind a pair of rectangular spectacles and his long bangs. His chocolate brown hair is usually styled, except for when he is at home then he lets his fall loose. He has one long strand of hair that sticks up defiantly despite his best efforts to flatten it down. Roderich has long and slender hands, perfect for playing the piano.

There is a beauty mark just a little below his lips that is barely noticeable. He's not very strong or muscular, but what he lacks in the muscle he makes up for by always looking well-groomed in public. He's quite short for a man, standing at only five " eight, it adds to his delicate looking appearnce; Its a fact that he hates really, considering that most of the men on his father's side of the family are an average five ten or over.

Personality: Roderich is a very quiet and reserved young man. People who do not know him personaly describe him as a loner, which makes it difficult for people to approach him. However, he isn't a loner at all, mearly shy when it comes to socializing with people. This shy quality make it very difficult for him to make friends, but he covers up his shyness with a mask of confidance.
Roderich is one who likes peace and quiet, and for fun he prefers spending his time reading adventure/romance novels or playing the piano. He also like to spend time with people he knows, like family or close friends that understand him; With close friends or his mother he acts bit more open i.e talking more, laughing and smiling.

Roderich is known for being very reserved, wearing a calm and expressionless face when he is around new people. He is honest and straight forward with everyone he meets. In his opinion its better to be brutally honest than letting someone believe a lie.
During a crisis Roderich will remain calm and optimistic. Refusing to show panic in the face of his enemy, even when he knows he will lose a fight, Roderich will not go down with out a struggle. However, he usually tries to reason with someone first before things get physical.

Good cook: Roderich is an excellent cook, thanks to his mother. She thought it would be best if he knew how to cook for himself instead of having servents do everything. Cooking relaxes him, and everyone who has tried one of his dishes always come back for more. Sweet's and pastries are his speciality~

Good Friend: He is good at giving advice to his friends, even when its something out of his league he will still try to help. He is very head strong and dependable when problems arise. His close friends know they can turn to him.

Tidy person: He 's very clean, organized and hates messes. Because of his grandfather's upbringing, he has become a bit of a neat freak.

Honest Guy: Roderich isn't one to beat around the bush. He will always give his honest opinion if people ask him, weather it sounds harsh or not people can count on him to tell them the truth.

Musically Gifted: Roderich is a born musician. He is an expert at piano and violin, anyone who hears him play thinks it's beautiful; His music has been known to bring one to tears or up lift them when they're down.


Low self esteem: Roderich may seem like the image of self assurance but he is not. He actually has a fragile ego and not a good self image of himself. Living with his grandfather he was told how plain, boring or dull he was. Or worse, some of his more malier cousins had called him a girl, so that did not help his self esteem.

Not physically gifted: Roderich is terrible when it comes to harsh physical sports, he just can't do them with out getting injured or bruised. The only thing physical he can do is fencing, but not many people consider that a sport.

Gets lost real easy: Roderich has a terrible sense of direction. He can't go anywhere by himself, an escort has to take him places so he won't get lost for hours. This weakness is one of the reasons why he will never go to the local vilage, or the out doors in general.

His Pride; Because of his upbringing, Roderich is a very proud person. This trait gets in his way, he would much rather do something on his own and fail miserably than admit he needs help with something. This pride of his gets in the way when he gets lost and needs help finding a location and has to ask someone he hates for help.


Playing the piano or any musical intrument.

Baking (Especially sweets and pastries~ )

Fencing. ( He does this in his free time, it makes him feel more manly. )

Reading novels. ( Romance novels and adventure novels are his preferance )

Spending time with his mother.

Obnoxious, stuck up people.
(This dislike was a result from being forced to socialize with obnoxious aristocrats that attended his grandfathers events. He avoids them as much as possible. )

Getting himself dirty.

Messy or lazy people.

Pregidous people
( This came from living with his grandfather Adolf, the man's hate for mixed bloods left an impression on Roderich. He now wants nothing to do with people who think like Adolf. )


Adolf Edelstein: No matter how old Roderich gets he still fears his grandfather, especially when he gives him the cold stare. Usually a meeting between them leaves Roderich in a bundle of nerves, mentaly checking if everything is perfect and to the mans liking. Even though Adolf doesn't like him Roderich still tries to please him, even though he can't.

]Scared of marine life: Even though he hails from the Moon Kingdom and has control over water Roderich has an unexplainable fear of marine animals, especially squids and starfish. He can not be anywere near a body of water that could contain these creatures. He'll run...fast.

Being alone: While Roderich was living with Adolf he spent many hours by himself, with the people of the house hold paying him no mind or just ignoring him. He can't stand being by himself, and usually when he's in a group he will try to stick by one of the people to ensure he doesn't get left behind.

Injuring his hands: Roderich is a musician by heart, he is always careful with his hands. He wouldn't know what he would do if he damaged , or injured them, for music is his way of escape.

Quirks etc:

Slips into native tounge: When nervous, extremely flustered or angry he will slip into German. Not very helpful when conversing with someone who speaks English.

Needs his pendant: As a child his mother had given him a small pendant made of Gold with saphires engraved around the edges. The pendant had originaly belonged to his grandmother (the one from the Northern Kingdom) and its a very precious heirloom to him because it gives him a sort of comfort when he's in a croud or feeling down.

Roderich Edelstein was born the only son (so far) of Lord Bernard Edelstein and his lovely wife Lady Marie-Theressa Edelstein. Their marriage was quite a happy one, except that Bernard's father, Adolf Edelstein, looked down on his daughter-in-law. Marie was of mixed heritage, her mother having been a Lady from the Northern Kingdom. Despite the fact Adolf didn't approve of Marie, the couple didn't let it bother them, their marriage was happy. Marie was the perfect wife and Bernard, though absent most of the time, was a faithful husband. When Roderich was born they're ‘picture’ family was now complete.

Roderich had a simple life, despite the fact his father was a well known Lord (The Edelstein's had close ties with German Royalty and did dealings with them). His mother, having been raised to be humble and self reliant, wanted her son to be grounded and work for the things he wanted. She didn’t want him relying on others for everything in life. She raised him to be independent and have a sense of humility, she even taught him how to sew so he could patch up outfits (including underwear) and have them last longer. Roderich loved learning these things because he liked spending time with his mother, he grew very attached to her considering that he didn't get to bond with his father for a good portion of his childhood. When his magic kicked in at age ten his parents were happy, and his mother had a sneaking suspicion that he inherited the gift of controlling ice and snow. It had skipped her generation, but it was possible Roderich had inherited it instead.

Her suspicion was confirmed. When Roderich turned thirteen and his powers over Water began to go haywire from the shift in hormones, he began to cause small floods in the house. Like the bathtub overflowing when he tried to make the water in it move, or the time he got upset and a pipe in the sink burst. Along with these changes his small gift of Ice and Snow awakened during his power spike. Granted it was very limited, such as loving the feeling of cold, sensing when it was going to snow near them and freezing his glass of water because he wanted it cold. This discovery made Roderich happy, it made him feel unique.

However, Roderich’s momentary happiness over this discovery was short lived. His grandfather Adolf didn’t want him to master his small Northern kingdom gift (he is prejudice about people of mixed herritage and didn’t want any grandson of his having two magic’s ), so he told Marie and Bernard he would take Roderich and have him live with him until Roderich mastered his Water control (His ambition was to let the Ice and Snow gift die, if the gift was left unused he thought it would fade.) . Marie figured Adolf had other intentions, so to ensure that Roderich’s Northern magic didn’t die she packed books her mother had owned. They would show Roderich how to teach himself on how to help his Ice and Snow magic mature (well mature as much as it could, since its not allot). The books would, in a small way, give Roderich a sense of comfort all that time he had to live with his grandfather.

Roderich hated living with his grandfather. He much preferred the warm and loving environment his mother provided as opposed to Adolf’s cold and stern home. His grandfather had taken it upon himself to train Roderich in his Water control, which meant whenever Roderich messed up or didn’t pick up on a technique he would be scolded, put down or sent to his room without dinner. During those times Roderich would read the books his mother gave him, teaching himself how to freeze glasses of water or sometimes make a three inch ice sculpture. He did all this in secret though, refusing to tell anyone about his developments, and to please Adolf he practised for hours in the day mastering Water control.

After Roderich turned fifteen he had control over his Water (and Ice ) magic and had passed his grandfathers standard’s of what an Edelstein Lord should be. Also, he had become a very well groomed Aristocrat in his grandfather’s eyes, putting on the act of a snobby, level headed member of high society. Roderich had also become very talented at playing music, the piano and Violin were his favorites. Music became a way of expressing himself, helping him work through problems and sort through his feelings. After Roderich was finally able to go home and live with his parent’s he was happy because he didn’t have to act like an emotionless Aristocrat like he did at his grandfather’s. He was still required to attend Formal events his grandfather hosted, and even though he hates attending and having he still fulfills his duty as an Edelstein Lord.

RP Sample:

It was one of the days Roderich dreaded. Granted, these days did not come as often as they did when he was a child, but when this day did come around he hated it. He would much rather be playing the piano, reading or even baking instead of what he was currently doing. Sitting in the drawing room, anxioully as he waited for his grandfather to walk through the entry.
Roderich sighed heavily, gazing away from the entry to glance at the grandfather clock hanging on the wall above the fire place. The hands read 3:45 pm, and Adolf was to arrive in a few minutes. Which gave Roderich a few more minutes to worry about this little meeting. Surely Adolf was not coming for a friendly visit, especially since it concerned Roderich. It was no secret that his grandfather didn't like him. So for the life of him he couldn't figure out just what it was the man wanted!

Does he want me to attend another function? No, that was impossible. If he wanted him to attend something Adolf would have sent a message through a carrier or a servent. It couldn't be about marriage, his mother would've told him if that was what the meeting was about. So it just didn't make-
Knock, knock.
Roderich's head imediately snapped to the door. Shaking his head he promptly stood from his spot on the small couch and made his way to the front door. Smoothing the front of his waistcoat, in an attempt to calm his nerves, he opened the door with a calm expression. He was greeted with one of the servents, who bowed slightly. "Lord Adolf Edelstein is here to see you young master, he is in the main livingroom." the man said curtly before tunring his heel and leaving. Roderich sighed and left for the direction the servent told him.
"Time to face the music" Roderich mumbled, hands dutifully at his sides as his heart raced. When he entered the living room his heart began to go double time.

Adolf Edelstein was an image in black, sitting on the small sofa that was in the middle of the room, a look of displeasure on his face. Than again he always looked like that, but Roderich still found the look quite unsettling. Especially since the mans posture screamed 'anger', it told him that Roderich had done something to upset the older man. With a deep breath he stepped into the room and cleared his throat, almost jumping when Adolf turned his head sharply to look at him.
"You wanted to see me Großvater" he asked calmly, despite the fact he was breaking into a cold sweat under his clothes. He walked into the middle of the room to stand in front of Adolf, trying to appear calm and nutural.
Adolf said nothing in response. Only gave a peircing look, cold blue eyes -Edelstein eyes- serching for something. Than finally he said the words that made Roderich's stomach drop. "I here you wanted to go to the Northern Kingdom".
Scheiße he found out!

It was true, Roderich had wanted to go to the Northern Kingdom. There had been a book there that had belonged to his grandmother-his mother's mother that is- that contained teachings on Ice magic and how to manipulate it to make music. At the moment it was in the Ice Palace library, all Roderich would have to do is ask to go and copy a few things from the book. Because the thought of making music with Ice! It sounded sounded grand to him, especially since all he really could do with Ice was make tiny ice sculptures. His main element was water, he had better control over that. However, he wanted to learn about his other side as well.
Unfortunately for him, Adolf despised anyone who was 'mixed'. Infact as a child Adolf had wanted to let his small amount of Northern magic die, for if it remained un-used there was a chance that the magic would leave or remain dormant. For all Adolf knew, Roderich's Ice magic left long ago and that's exactly what he wanted the man to think. So it was easy to see that Roderich was in quite the predicament now.

What should I tell him? He was never very good at lying, and Adolf was no fool. If there was one thing his grandfather was good at it was smelling out a lie...But, he thought a little hopeful. It won't be a total lie if I mix some of the truth in right? Satisfied with the idea he looked his granfather in the eye and replied, "That is correct Großvater, I wanted to occumpony Vater on one of his trips to the Northern Kingdom."
Adolf's brows furrowed angrily, "And why, Enkel, would you want to go there? Trying to learn something"?
Roderich almost flinched when the man said Enkel (grandson), it was more like a sneer really. Not missing a beat Roderich responded with his lie, " Ja, actually, I wanted to learn about the royalty there. When I become head of the Edelstein family I should know how other Royal families work. Learn how to act around them during events and such, do you agree?"
There not a total lie, he did want to learn something but it had nothing to do with Royal families.
He stood there, praying to Gott that his grandfather bought the lie. Adolf gazed hard at him, he was assesing what he just heard. Roderich was on the verge of a panick attack, when finally his grandfather spoke.

"Very well." With that he stood and swiftly passed by Roderich and out the door. When Roderich was sure the man had left he breathed a sigh of relief. Smiling a bit, he sat on the couch his grandfather had previously occupied and relaxed.
Thank Gott he bought it, he thougt, than a frown appeared on his face. Why do I still need permission to go anywere? It was really tiring, but no matter. He was going to the Northern Kingdom next month, and he would try an remain happy about that...for the moment.


Name: Miranda, Mimi or you can call me by my character name :)

Age: 21

Timezone: Central Standard Time USA

Anything else: I love Choccolate Cheese cake, Peanut buttercups and brownies! Sorry if his bio sucks. I think I ended up making it really long :c. [/center]

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Wonderful! I am pleased to tell you that you are accepted! <3
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( Roderich Edelstein // Austria application complete!)
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