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 Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ]

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Antonio FernandezCarriedo

Antonio FernandezCarriedo

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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ] Empty
PostSubject: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ]   Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 1:59 pm

: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo :

x x x

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ] Pbucket

x x x

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo


Kingdom of Origin
Kingdom of the Sun

Territory within the Kingdom


: Infante :
Son of the king, but not the heir to the throne.

Control of an element
Control over fire

x x x

» Antonio isn't particularly tall, nor is he particularly muscular, or skinny, or fat- he's mostly average in every sense of the word. He has tan skin, darker than the rest of his family as he spends the most time outside. He has dark hair that's usually messy because he doesn't care enough to make it look neat, unless the occasion calls for it. His eyes are a bright green, a trait that is very common among his family. The only thing that really isn't average about him is his right hand. Due to an unfortunate accident in the kitchen, he's missing his middle finger.

» Normally, he doesn't dress up very much. Not even if he leaves the castle. He prefers not to look like he is obviously of royalty. It doesn't bother him that he is probably soiling his family's name by dressing like a commoner- he thinks they deserve it. Besides, it wouldn't due to get his best clothes dirty in the garden, now would it? It really isn't often that he dresses formally, and even if he does, they are hardly his best clothes that he's wearing.

» To most, Antonio is very friendly. He's quick to strike up a conversation with anyone about almost anything. He loves meeting new people and making new friends. There is rarely a time that he isn't willing to talk to people. He's most often cheerful, usually trying to steer away from any conversation that may put him in a sour mood. It's unusual for him to be angry, though once he is angry, it's somewhat frightening. If he knows he's in a bad mood, he won't bother going out anywhere, shutting himself up until his mood brightens once more. It doesn't take long.

» He's a very spacey person, often having a hard time paying attention. Though he seems quite willing to talk about anything, if the subject is boring, he'll start to space off. Sometimes he'll jump to a completely different subject that he finds more entertaining. He's also rather oblivious, often missing subtle hints that people may throw at him. One has to be very blunt when trying to get their point across to him.

» Antonio is a pacifist, which is one of those reasons why he'd never take physical action against his family despite loathing them. Really, he doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt anyone else. However, he does sometimes boast as if he's a complete badass rather than some oblivious idiot that most might make him out to be. He will tell people that he lost his finger in a fight, just because it sounds less pathetic than how it really happened.

» If anyone asked if he was part of the royal family, he would deny it. He would much rather not be thought of as part of that family. There are plenty of people who already know that he is a prince, which he finds unfortunate, but even around them he doesn't act like royalty. Antonio wants nothing more than to be thought of as a commoner.

x x x

♞ Easy to Get Along With : His favorite thing to do is make new friends! He tries his hardest not to become someone's enemy. He has enough problems at home.
♞ Optimism : He tries to look on the up side of things. There are the exceptions to that, but for the most part....
♞ Devotion : Toward helping his people, at least. He may never be king, but he does aspire to fix things some how.
♞ Strong Swimmer : He's always loved swimming. It makes sense that he'd be good at it.

♘ Short Attention Span : Mostly if someone is saying something that doesn't interest him. He'll either cut them off completely, or ( very obviously ) space off.
♘ Napping : It's an odd thing to be considered a weakness, but he really cannot go without his midday siesta. He'll either fall asleep in a random area, or be cranky for the rest of the day.
♘ Missing a Finger : It makes some tasks rather difficult.
♘ Sudden Temper : It's not often that he gets mad, but when it does, it's not a pretty sight.
♘ His Status : Seeing as he'll ( most likely ) never be king, he'd rather not be associated with the royal family at all.

✔ Tomatos : He will often be seen eating them as a snack. He's very serious about his tomatoes. Don't insult them in front of him.
✔ Turtles : His love for turtles is obvious once a person sees his habitat full of them. He has one in particular that is his favorite named Dinah.
✔ Sunshine : He'd love nothing more than to spend every day outside, soaking up the warmth from the sun.
✔ Gardening : It is his excuse to stay outside for as long as he can. Plus, nothing makes him happier than caring for his tomato plants.
✔ Sweets : He has a terrible sweet tooth. If he's not eating tomatoes, he'll likely be found with some sort of sweet.
✔ His Midday Siesta : Clearly he enjoys it, as he can't go without it.
✔ Anything Cute : Whether it be cute toys, animals, children, or people in general, he will hug and squeeze them.

✗ His Family : Not only are they bad people, but they've taken away his opportunity to become king.
✗ Cooking : After a certain incident happened, he'd much rather stay out of the kitchen, and away from any knives.
✗ Being Serious : His mind strays to serious subjects and he starts to feel unhappy. He prefers to act like an oblivious idiot most of the time.
✗ Fighting : He's a pacifist. He doesn't like violence; he doesn't even like to have verbal fights.

♒ Sometimes juggles his tomatoes. He's a show off that way. He feels it's even more impressive that he can still do it with a missing finger.
♒ He likes to sneak Dinah into his room to sleep with him at night.
♒ Despite being a pacifist, he tells people that he lost his finger in a fight. It's less embarrassing.
♒ Writes with his left hand, though he's actually right handed. It's easier to write with the hand that still has all of it's fingers.

ϟ Snakes : He's not sure what the cause is, but ever since he was little, he's been terribly afraid of them.
ϟ Knives and Other Sharp Objects : For the same reason he dislikes cooking.

x x x

» As a child, Antonio always found his life to be wonderful. He was given everything he ever wanted by his parents, perhaps as a way to make up for the small amount of time they spent with him. He was adored by his caretakers as he was a sweet child, for the most part. He had his tantrums, of course, which always seemed to end is disaster for some poor piece of furniture. That could be another reason why he was spoiled- just to keep the castle in tact.

» From a young age, he was raised to be proper, as he would eventually take the throne from his father. He was taught early as it didn't take long for his parents to realise that he was a little slow on the uptake. He had a hard time paying attention to lessons, which often led to him being disciplined. And more often than not, he'd be found dozing somewhere in the castle, even outside occasionally, in the middle of the day. It was considered inappropriate behaviour, but his parents believed he would grow out of it.

» Growing up, Antonio wasn't brought outside of the castle much. However, the few times that he was let out, he enjoyed very much. He was fond of the common people, as they were unfamiliar to him and yet always nice. He loved how informal they were, though he wasn't entirely sure why. He just felt some much more comfortable talking to someone he hardly knew than he did any of the stuck up people he saw in the castle.

» It didn't take long before he started to realise how cruel his parents were when it came to commoners. They clearly didn't care much for those under them, believing that they were better simply because of their status. Antonio didn't think this was right. Not long after he had turned twenty, he challenged his parent's beliefs. He decided that once he became king, the common people would be treated better.

» His parents weren't at all pleased with this attitude, and made a decision of their own. They deemed Antonio unfit to be king, choosing his younger brother to be the heir instead. Most just assumed that the decision came from his being irresponsible, but Antonio knew that wasn't the truth. His parents never outright said it, but the timing was just too convenient for it not to be true.

» Ever since then, he has been unhappy with his family. There was nothing he could do, aside from murdering them perhaps, but that idea didn't sound appealing at all. Instead, he chose to just break off from his family, as well as he could. He started to spend more time by himself in the castle gardens, or even out with the commoners. He stopped dressing like royalty just so no one would immediately recognise him. After five years, he still has yet to forgive his family.

RP Sample
[ Taken from another roleplay, in which Toni was a magical dragon-person. /don'tjudgeme,I'mtired ]
Of course, it's a well known fact that home grown vegetables taste much better than store bought ones. For that reason, Antonio had requested some space on the grounds for his own personal garden. He liked to be sure he had only the freshest of food for his students to use in his class, not to mention for the meals he made for himself every day. That was why he spent most of his free time in his garden, tending to the vegetables with the utmost care.

At the moment, the Spaniard was outside, heading toward his garden. He was carrying a watering pail, which he hoped was filled enough as he really didn't want to go back inside for more water, a pair of gloves, and some tools. As soon as he arrived, he realised that something was slightly off. Some of his vegetables had been dug up! With an irritated huff, a small flame coming from his mouth, he squatted down to inspect the damage. "Ay, conejos estan muy molesto...." Though he wasn't actually sure that rabbits were the culprits, he decided to blame them anyway.

In the end, it didn't really matter who or what had done this. There was nothing he could do to fix it now. He just hoped that this wouldn't happen again. This garden was very important to Antonio, and this small amount of damage was already enough to have him blowing flames. In fact, he had to turn his head away every few moments just to be sure he wouldn't accidentally set the plants on fire. After disposing of the ruined vegetables, and refilling the holes that had been dug, he stood to water the surviving part of the garden.

x x x

Elise or Nyu. Probably best to just refer to me as my character, though. :3


GMT -6

Anything else
I don't like dessert....
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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ]   Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ] Icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 11:04 pm

You don't like dessert? No. I'm sorry. Declined.

Justkiddingilu<3 I like your Toni! He's fabulous! Something tells me he and Arthur won't get along xD
You are accepted! Have fun~
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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain [ complete ]
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